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I'll Remember...1985

Madonna commented that the song was about a girl, who was "in depression over something. An angel appeared and healed her soul, making her fall madly in love with him; it's something that I felt when I was young. I thought it would make for an interesting story if I wrote that [experience] as a song on my record”.

Madonna had decided to release "Angel" as the initial single from the album, but changed her mind, after the recording of the title track "Like a Virgin" was complete. "Angel" was ultimately released as the third single, and included the song "Into the Groove", from Madonna's 1985 film Desperately Seeking Susan, on the B-side of the 12-inch maxi-single.

Madonna had initially planned to release a music video for "Angel", but later decided to go against it, as at that time, there were already five Madonna music videos on-rotation in the music channels and were being broadcast continuously. Hence, Warner Bros. and Madonna felt that adding another video to the already saturated channels, might not be in her favor. A promotional video, containing scenes from the music videos of "Burning Up", "Borderline", "Lucky Star", "Like a Virgin" and "Material Girl" was made by Warner Bros. Records and aired in the United Kingdom. The video was included on the promotional-only video compilations It's That Girl and She's Breathless.

After ten weeks of its release, "Angel" reached a peak position of five on the chart. The song tied Madonna with Olivia Newton-John, as the female artist with most top-five hits on the Hot 100 at that time.

Friday, September 28, 2012

On the Cover of a Magazine - 1987

OTHER Magazine - June 1987

Did you Know...


Written by Madonna and William Orbit, the 45-second score to the short lived ABC TV show of the same name. The series aired only two episodes due to controversial content which viewers found disturbing.  The full track remains unreleased. Interestingly, when various other Madonna demos recorded with William Orbit leaked onto the internet in the summer of 2008, a slightly different version of this track leaked, crediting actor Rupert Everett as a co-vocalist 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Madonna Surprises 'Bar Mitzvah Boy' Shaun Sperling With Chicago Concert 'Like A Prayer' Sing-A-Long

Madonna Shaun SperlingMadonna had an extra special surprise for one of her biggest (and most famous) fans as her MDNA Tour rolled into Chicago this week.
The Queen of Pop singled out Shaun Sperling, best known as the "Bar Mitzvah Boy" after a 1992 video of him "Vogue"-ing his way into Jewish manhood went viral last month, as she performed "Like a Prayer."
Madonna leans down from the stage with her microphone, allowing the now 33-year-old Sperling to sing a few lines from her 1989 classic.
Publicist Liz Rosenberg told HuffPost Gay Voices that the pop superstar was unaware of Sperling's YouTube fame. "Madonna never goes to that area of the stage to get people to sing along with her, but clearly she was being spiritually guided to the one person out of 20,000 who deserved to sing along," Rosenberg said.

Regardless, the "Bar Mitzvah Boy" said the chance encounter with his idol left him feeling ecstatic.
"I am now even more inspired to continue paying forward the lessons that Madonna taught me 20 years ago of self-respect, love, individuality, acceptance of others and always striving to be a better human being," he wrote on Facebook. "I feel incredibly grateful that my 13-year-old dreams are coming true, and most of all for the love and support that I have in my life."
As Rosenberg notes, the Madge-ical moment was bashert, which is Yiddish for "meant to be."

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Madge dedicates "Masterpiece" guessed it.

"I do love her...imitation is the highest form of flattery. And one day, very soon, we're gonna be on stage together. Just you wait."
Both cross paths on tour in South America in November, could we get a guest appearance from gaga during the EY set? I would die, pressed fans everywhere from both sides would seethe, pop culture history in the making.

I'll Remember...1992

Dear Father

An unreleased Madonna collaboration with André Betts and Mic Murphy.
It was recorded during the Erotica era.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Can You Spot the Difference?

2005                                                                            2008

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I'll Remember...1987

 "Can't Stop" is a track inspired by Sixties Motown and the group Martha and the Vandellas from the movie 'Who's that Girl'.  "Can't Stop" has a high pitched keyboard sound embedded in between the sound of a drum machine and clarinet. The lyrics essentially refer to the idea that "I want my man and I am going to get him whatever". Rooksby noticed that the instrumental break in the song repeats the chorus, with a synth line added on the top. He felt that "Can't Stop", at 4:45 length, was a good example of the division of Madonna's songs between dance music—where the length is important—and the requirement of classic pop songs, which can vary from two minutes to four minutes.  Stephen Bray

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