Saturday, March 31, 2012

Christina Aguilera: “Album is coming out later this year!”

Christina Aguilera is taking her sweet precious time with her new album, confirming that the hotly anticipated project will be out a little bit later than expected.
She was interviewed backstage by her ‘Voice’ co-star and social media correspondent Christina Milian. Aggy claims that with ‘The Voice’ taking up much of her time, she’s had to change pace as far as the new album is concerned citing “later this year” for its release. After the interview, the two Christina’s sat courtside at the LA Lakers game in Los Angeles the night before (Xtina is even seen wearing the same dress). Good to know she’s taking her time with the album. Quality over quantity any day of the week for me. I also saw some new candids today and she’s definitely lost some weight. She’s also been giving Nicki Minaj some serious competition in the bootylicious department as well. A brand new single could very well be just around the corner.
Watch this space.


rihanna friday magazine Hot Shot: Rihanna Covers Friday Magazine

Get a load of Rihanna, covering the Swiss publication ‘Friday‘ magazine.

In aid of her new LP ‘Talk That Talk’ and her forthcoming flick ‘Battleship‘ , Rita-lite’s cover comes weeks before she releases the video for ‘Where Have You Been’, her latest single.



cissy houston Cissy Houston Breaks Silence; Talks Whitneys Death
It’s been a month and a half since the world lost the greatest voice of all time,Whitney Houston.
And while family members have stepped forward to talk about their grief, the late star’s mother Cissy Houston has mourned privately.
That is all set to change this coming Monday, though, when the elderly Gospel singer talks exclusively to My9 about the tragedy.
Speaking to the outlet she confessed:
I know I did the best I could… I don’t blame myself. I know I did the best I could for everything. I’m very proud of my daughter. She accomplished a whole lot in the short time that she had here… she was a very wonderful person.
I have my moments… I’m not there yet… I don’t think I’m any more courageous than anyone else.
Adding- with regards to Whitney’s finances:
Whitney did not die broke… she’s not broke. None of that crap.
Catch the interview on MY9 this coming Monday.

Drake Hints At Aaliyah Duet

Since his debut, Drake has made no secret of his love for the late Aaliyah.
Tattooing her face on his back in her honor, this week saw him hint at a duet between the pair during his recent trip to the UK.
Details below…

He explained:
I have some great Aaliyah news coming soon. Some special things.
Adding, when asked if he recorded vocals for a posthumous duet with her:
Just some special things, you know. Great things for music, period.




Did Madonna answer your question on her live Twitter chat this past Monday?!?
If not, you'll soon get a second chance!
Following an AMAZING first week of GLOBAL sales success for MDNA, Madonna wants to celebrate with YOU!
Madge fans can head over to Twitter on April 4 at 10pm ET to chat with her Madgesty @MadonnaMDNAday!
The queen herself wants to thank her fans for their support, so be sure to log on and tweet your hearts out!
So cool!!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

After ample anticipation, Jennifer Lopez‘s new single ‘Dance Again (ft. Pitbull)’ is finally here!
Having premiered literally seconds ago on The Ryan Seacrest Show, That Grape Juice -as ever-has you covered.

Can J.Lo and Pitbull recreate the magic that rendered ‘On The Floor’ such a smash? Judge for yourself. 
Pulsating and infectious, the track is undeniably a winner. The RedOne cut positions Lopez in her tried and tested mainstay (Dance/Pop), evoking a “worldly” sound in the vein of earlier releases such as ‘Let’s Get Loud’.

Yet, while it arguably tries, an ‘On The Floor’ this is not. For, the track stumbles somewhat with a cheesy weak chorus – which should, structurally, always be a song’s main strength. Yet, here the primary hook is trumped by the pre-chorus, verses, and overall production.
Still, the 42 year old seems to have discovered a forumla which is working for her at this point of her career. Why not max it out?

Kelly Clarkson songwriter contributes to Ciara album…

‘One-Woman Army’
These days, when you see or hear about Ciara, it is never about her new music. She is either attending store openings, an NBA game or hanging out with Kim Kardashian.

Finally, we DO get some fresh info about the new album, as a lot of it has been kept under wraps. Ali Tamposi, the songwriter behind Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger’, confirms she’s been contributing to Ciara’s new album and even name drops a song titled ‘One-Woman Army’, in which she describes as angst, edge and female empowerment. “I’m working on a Ciara album, and she’s been great. It’s Livvi Franc and I who are doing most of the writing for it, and it’s been really cool and laid back so that’s been fun. There’s a lot of angst and edge in [Ciara’s] music and we’ve tried to be really conceptual and write things that haven’t been done before and real strong women empowerment songs. This is what I’ve been really wanting to do: Focus on one project. So we’ve been doing that the last few weeks now”. Excited? Read on!

When asked if there was ever a topic she haven’t covered in a song, but would like to, she spoke about the song she wrote for Ciara in further detail: “I really wanted to use, for years, the title ‘One-Woman Army,’ and I just used it with Ciara. I had it initially as ‘One-Man Army,’ and I changed it and it’s [about] a strong, really independent woman that if you’re going to be a part of her life you have to be strong, a fighter, a solider. It’s a really strong song. We’re working on that right now”. Source.

I can’t wait to see what she did with Ciara. ‘One-Woman Army’ sounds hit-worthy already and she has worked with an eclectic, variety of producers. Yes, it does sound good on paper, and it could very well yield different results once fully executed but I’m still here for it. Fans can only hope Ciara gets the best end of the deal now that she has moved labels. It could very well be the best decision she’s made.

New Song: The Saturdays – ’30 Days’

the saturdays 30 days e1333095487234 New Song: The Saturdays   30 Days

The Saturdays are back!

After an ultra brief hiatus, the Pop outfit are back with new single ’30 Days’.
What project it’s lifted from (i.e. new album, singles collection, or EP) is presently unknown. What is certain, however, is that the cut awaits after the jump. Check it out!

Oh the conundrum.
Cliche, yet catchy. Safe, yet sour. The ladies serve up the “familiar” with the club cut; however between their past efforts and what’s currently on the charts, it’s as if we’ve heard this at least 30 times already.
And with their “position” still floating on a liquid foundation, (not to mention the onsetLittle Mix and return of the original Sugababes), now – more than ever – was the time for the Sats to show up and show out. Instead, they dish out an inferior ‘All Fired Up’. Sigh.
Still, though our soft spot for the ladies is somewhat hardening, we wish them the best. After all, much worse has and continues to top the charts.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Rihanna In London Must See: Rihanna Talks Fame, Fears And Painful Childhood

In the country in support of ‘Battleship‘, Rihanna sat down with Britain’s Kate Garraway yesterday, weeks ahead of the film’s release.

Undeniably insightful, their chit chat started off on the flick and led to the star’s life,which saw her open up like never before. Dishing on her success, paranoia, her weight and relationships, this interview is a must see.
Watch below…

Nicki Minaj Soars On “Starship” Performance

9c93ad14af9910baa93c3c1a5879d455 Watch:  Nicki Minaj Soars On Starship Performance

‘Starships’ pilot Nicki Minaj is certainly launching a full media onslaught for herApril 3rd due sophomore album ‘Pink Friday:  Roman Reloaded’.
Already racking up a number of frequent flyer miles for performances all over the globe, with quite a few lined up next week, the rapstress took to American Idol to give them a live rendition of her latest top 10 smash.
Did she fly or fail? 

Rubbish. Commendable energy. Everything else was just…(blah).

Katy Perry 'Part of Me' video branded "propaganda for the Marines"

Katy Perry Part of Me Video poster

Katy Perry has been criticized by a feminist author for her latest music video.

The singer's visual for new single 'Part of Me' sees her joining the US Marines after discovering that her partner had cheated on her.

However, Naomi Wolf - who admitted that she used to be a fan of Perry - has criticized the star for the pro-military message included in the video.

Wolf stated on her official Facebook page: "Have you all seen the Katy Perry marines video? It is a total piece of propaganda for the Marines… I really want to find out if she was paid by them for making it… it is truly shameful.

"I would suggest a boycott of this singer who I really liked – if you are as offended at this glorification of violence as I am."

'Part of Me' reached number one in the US and UK upon its release and is included as one of three new tracks on Perry's new repackaged album Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection

‘I Heart You’

R&B veteran Toni Braxton released her music video today for lead single ‘I Heart You’, which is lifted from her upcoming album ‘Heartstrings & Synagogue Vibes’.

The Billie Woodruff-directed visual made its grand premiere on WeTV, the very network which broadcasts her reality show ‘Braxton Family Values’. For such a strong and energetic track, the video was cheap and lacking. She gave total bore in the video and not much else. She did not set the dance floor ablaze, and choreography is not really her strong point. I’d love to have my way with that hot guy in the video but that’s it. I’d hate to see ‘Heartstrings’ follow in the same direction as ‘Libra’ and ‘Pulse’, because I don’t think she can afford to have three flop albums back to back. Saying that, she always delivers a solid album, so we will have to wait and see. Toni’s upcoming seventh studio album is due for release in late spring. The full version of the single was made available for digital download via iTunes & Amazon MP3 today. The extended mix and music video are available on iTunes as well. Watch the video, and sound off below.

Madonna's New Album MDNA Is Turning Her Into A Techie

Back in the greed-is-good 1980s, Madonna styled herself as a material girl. Avarice hasn’t exactly disappeared in the intervening years, but the “Like A Prayer” singer has updated herself to fit the present zeitgeist, if the launch of new album MDNA is any indication.

For the album’s debut yesterday, Madonna decided to forgo the typical round of morning talk shows. She instead opted for an interview at Facebook’s New York headquarters, a live Twitter chat, and a giveaway on Spotify—two lucky listeners who play MDNA at least three times in the next two weeks will receive free tickets to one of her upcoming shows.

Madonna’s most unusual promotion, however, involves The nine-month-old design-focused retailer boasts 3 million members and has dedicated its homepage to MDNA, which it’s selling in both physical and digital format for $7.99, half the price of most other outlets.

“We’re on MDNA over here,” says Jason Goldberg, Fab’s founder and CEO. “It’s kind of our way of giving a big fat kiss to our members for how they’ve embraced us over the past nine months.”

It’s also a boon to Goldberg says his site is seeing two to three times its typical traffic because of the promotion, and expects to sell tens of thousands of copies of the album, which should move hundreds of thousands of units on the whole.

Goldberg wouldn’t discuss the details of his agreement with Universal Music Group, parent company of Interscope, the label that’s home to Madonna. But he did confirm that there was a “collaboration” of some sort.

What’s the nature of that collaboration? Hard to say for sure, but it probably means that Universal gave a discount on the wholesale price of the record—like they did with Amazon and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. A source told me that the Amazon negotiated to pay a wholesale price of $7 for the album, which the online retail giant briefly sold for $0.99.

If is paying the same price for MDNA, it’s a great deal for everyone involved: Madonna and her label sell tens of thousands of additional albums to an audience they might not have otherwise reached, while Goldberg’s site gets a marginal profit and a boatload of additional web traffic.

Says Goldberg: “It’s a match made in heaven.”

Just like a prayer.

Madonna Covered....

'Girl Gone Wild' cover by Rosette

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Just for Fun :)

What happens when you kiss Madonna?

Madonna Samples...

Into the Groove (S&S remix)...

Toop Toop - Cassius (2006)

Piers Morgan Keeps Making an Ass of Himself!

Madonna…what is your least favorite sound?

JK! Although we are about to go slightly James Lipton on your asses.
During the making of MDNA, Madge and old chum William Orbit were in their own creative pocket of a world, where the only outside influence were french films circa 1960’s, and, strangely…Kreayshawn?
Orbit says about their process:
"We never played tracks by everybody else, all the current artists. It's a dangerous road to go down…We liked what we're doing in this current time and space. What we tended to do was watch old French films from the '60s or listen to music that was so far away that it wasn't, in any way, relevant."
They did listen to ONE contemporary musician, the stoner-rapping-scenester
 american version of Lady Sovereign
: Kreayshawn
Orbit talks about their fondness for the teensy rapster:
"I did remember…we were just looking at links on YouTube, and I was showing her Kreayshawn, and I've been working with her, and I really like her. And she's obviously got this track out called Hoes on My Di– [with the line] ’cause I look like Madonna.' And, I played it for Madonna … then she was saying afterwards 'Hoes on my di–, ’cause I am Madonna.' That was about the only time we looked at any serious contemporary pop music."
According to Orbit, Madge is unafraid to call herself Queen Bi*** and doesn't really give a shiz as to what anyone else will think of MDNA.
All in all, the duo claim to be VERY happy with the way the record turned out, especially as it was fueled by creative juices and FUN with a capital FU.
How are U liking MDNA? CLICK THE JUMP to see all the 40 countries that Madonna has hit #1 in!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Can You Spot the Difference?

1997                                                                              2012

Madonna Promotes New Album With Social Media

The Kiss!!!

Madonna and Minajesty share a kiss on Nicki's birthday, during the filming of the "Give Me All Your Luvin" music video.
Happy MDNA Monday!!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Getting our questions ready for the flaw-free queen that is Madonna!!!
Madge will be celebrating her new album MDNA by doing a Q&A with her fans on Twitter THIS MONDAY NIGHT AT 10 PM EST!!
She'll be answering questions for one-day only via Twitter.
Wanna get your most burning question answered by the Queen herself?
Then, send your questions to @MadonnaMDNAday and don't forget to include the #askmadonna hashtag.
And to see the chat unfold in real-time, CLICK HERE!
So many questions! How can we pick just one??

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

UNCENSORED Girl Gone Wild Video!

Last night, we posted the NEWLY released Madonna video for Girl Gone Wild and NOW we have the UNCENSORED version!!!!!
Feast your eyes upon these beautiful, nekkid men!!! Oh, and Madonna looking amazing and half her age, of course!
We cannot stop listening to this catchy-contagious song on repeat!!!
Check out the NSFW video (above)!!
Forgive us Father for we have SINNED! Ha!