Friday, March 30, 2012

Kelly Clarkson songwriter contributes to Ciara album…

‘One-Woman Army’
These days, when you see or hear about Ciara, it is never about her new music. She is either attending store openings, an NBA game or hanging out with Kim Kardashian.

Finally, we DO get some fresh info about the new album, as a lot of it has been kept under wraps. Ali Tamposi, the songwriter behind Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger’, confirms she’s been contributing to Ciara’s new album and even name drops a song titled ‘One-Woman Army’, in which she describes as angst, edge and female empowerment. “I’m working on a Ciara album, and she’s been great. It’s Livvi Franc and I who are doing most of the writing for it, and it’s been really cool and laid back so that’s been fun. There’s a lot of angst and edge in [Ciara’s] music and we’ve tried to be really conceptual and write things that haven’t been done before and real strong women empowerment songs. This is what I’ve been really wanting to do: Focus on one project. So we’ve been doing that the last few weeks now”. Excited? Read on!

When asked if there was ever a topic she haven’t covered in a song, but would like to, she spoke about the song she wrote for Ciara in further detail: “I really wanted to use, for years, the title ‘One-Woman Army,’ and I just used it with Ciara. I had it initially as ‘One-Man Army,’ and I changed it and it’s [about] a strong, really independent woman that if you’re going to be a part of her life you have to be strong, a fighter, a solider. It’s a really strong song. We’re working on that right now”. Source.

I can’t wait to see what she did with Ciara. ‘One-Woman Army’ sounds hit-worthy already and she has worked with an eclectic, variety of producers. Yes, it does sound good on paper, and it could very well yield different results once fully executed but I’m still here for it. Fans can only hope Ciara gets the best end of the deal now that she has moved labels. It could very well be the best decision she’s made.