Saturday, April 30, 2011

Did you know...

Madonna was considered for the role of Catwoman/Selina Kyle in the 1992 film ‘Batman Returns’. She turned the part down and the role went to Michelle Pfeiffer.

In late 1996, a fifth Batman film, ‘Batman Triumphant’ was to start production for a projected mid-1999 release date.  Madonna was reportedly going to play the role of Harley Quinn, who would be the Joker's daughter trying to get revenge on Batman for the his death.  Due to the previous films, 'Batman & Robin', poor box office run and negative reviews from critics, ‘Triumphant’ was never made, and the film franchise went on hiatus for eight years until  2005.

Madonna also turned down another leading role in The Fabulous Baker Boys’.  Michelle Pfeiffer ended up winning the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress - Motion Picture Drama for her role. Madonna said that she felt the plot was "too mushy".   


Friday, April 29, 2011

Virgin Tour Memories


I'll Remember...1990

The Immaculate Collection Pillowcase
Anyone else remember seeing this, along with other great Madonna Items, in the back of teen music magazines in the early 90’s?

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For Inspiration...

Can you guess what video these paintings inspired?

Perez Hilton

Madonna Goes On The Defensive On Charity Legal Issues

We cleared the air a bit on the whole Madonna Charity fiasco going on a while ago, but that unfortunately hasn't been the end of it for her.

A few employees of the charity have filed issues with Madonna over what they claim as an unfair dismissal. So, Madonna's camp has filed back with a response, citing the the majority of the decision came purely from economical reasons:

"There is nothing unfair about the termination of the applicants' employment since termination of employment was necessitated by genuine economic reasons… (The decision not to go ahead with the school was made) after carefully reviewing its (the charity's) financial commitments and future plans and was made in good faith… (We) had tried to act reasonably and expediently to avoid frustrating the former workers."

Madonna's legal response also addresses the group's allegations staff were forced to sign a termination agreement they deemed "unfair and unconstitutional," adding, "(It was) simply a confidentiality agreement."

We can see being upset over losing your job, but it looks like Madonna made sure to have all the bases covered. It's a shame that anyone had to lose their jobs, but even more of a shame that the project was shut down.

A lot of kids could have been helped and that's just so, so sad.



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Gives Good Face-1987