Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Perez Hilton

EXCLUSIVE! Madonna Did Not Abandon Former Manager, Friends Reveal What Really Happened

Those close to Madonna' are very hurt that the sister of her former manager is making false allegations against the Queen of Pop and even blaming Kabbalah for Caresse Henry's death.

The truth of the matter is, Caresse Henry committed suicide a year ago, and she is the only one responsible for her death.

Sources tell us that towards the end of her tenure as Madonna's manager, Caresse developed a drug problem. Madonna attempted to get her help, but Henry refused.

"M even offered to pay for her rehab, but she wouldn't go," an insider tells us. "Caresse took advantage of Madonna, spent money she shouldn't have and was just not able to do her job anymore. M had no choice but to fire her."

Yes, Henry began a romantic relationship with one of Madonna's bodyguards, but we're told that the singer had no issue with that. It was everything else that was rightfully weighing heavy on the Queen of Pop.

Those close to her tell us that after being fired by Madonna, Caresse eventually spiraled out of control and did go to rehab. Unfortunately, as is the case with many addicts, things did not end well for Henry.

Sad all around!