Tuesday, December 31, 2013

'Do What U Want'... studio version

Buh bye R. Kelly! And good fucking riddance. After several sexually-fueled performances with the Pied Piper, Lady Gaga looks to have ditched him for her one-time pop nemesis Christina Aguilera. In my honest opinion, she should never, ever have entangled herself with R. Kelly to begin with, but blame DJ White Shadow. Gags is releasing a new studio version of her latest single'Do What U Want' featuring new vocals by Christina. Good way to pick up them sales.

Oh, and she releases this tacky last minute artwork (below), which is just lazy and plain ugly on her behalf. A few weeks ago, Gaga and Aggy performed the song together during the fifth season finale of The Voice, which was won by Tessanne Chin. The official studio version will be released to digital retailers on January 1st, 2014. Fans can pre-order this version right now on Amazon. There's been speculation that the video delay is down to this latest new development. Hopefully, we get the visuals on the same day, but perhaps that's asking a tad bit much.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Duck Dynasty and Madonna

In April 1989, the Pepsi Corporation announced that it was canceling plans to broadcast a television commercial that featured Madonna, then arguably the most popular singer in the world. Madonna had released the music video for "Like a Prayer" a month earlier, and was entering a $5 million ad blitz with Pepsi. The corporation faced relentless pressure from Reverend Donald Wildmon to end its relationship with the controversial singer, and eventually caved to the pressure. The "Like a Prayer" video featured stigmata and burning crosses, but no specific derogatory terminology toward any group.
This was far from Wildmon's first religious protest. Throughout the '70s, he and his American Family Association protested dozens of targets including: Disney World for not preventing LGBT community groups from hosting "gay days" at the theme park; the filmThe Last Temptation of Christ, for its controversial take on Jesus Christ; and popular TV shows like M*A*S*H* and Dallas for "promoting immoral lifestyles." Wildmon convinced General Mills, Dominos Pizza and Ralston-Purina to pull ads from Saturday Night Live, because the show didn't comply with Wildmon's vision of "Biblical ethic of decency" for America.
If you were involved in American popular culture in any way and you had a different take on Christianity from Wildmon, chances are he was protesting you.
This public history of demanding "political correctness" and obedience from television networks adds thick irony to the Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty drama. Wildmon has retired, no doubt terrorizing some random retirement home for airing HBO, but his son Tim has taken over the AFA, and is leading the charge in defense of Robertson. The AFA and similar groups have claimed that Robertson's religious freedoms have been impinged and that A&E should have no problem with their bearded star comparing homosexuality to bestiality among other things.
Sarah Palin and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal have gotten a lot of ink for their A&E slams, but they're sideshows in this dispute. Palin is a professional quitter who never saw a microphone she didn't like, and Jindal is the most unpopular governor in America, still best known for of one of the most awkward speech entrances in recent political history.
Carnival barking politicians aside, it's groups like Wildmon's AFA that will keep this fire blazing. As their past lobbying success with television networks shows, this a fervent group that often gets what they want.
If there's one thing everybody can agree on about Phil Robertson, it's that he's honest. His refusal to filter himself, even a little bit, is what made Duck Dynasty so popular and what will also probably cost him his job. Robertson has a right to say whatever he wants, but he doesn't have the right to be on TV.
The Wildmon family and groups like the American Family Association are not honest. Their interpretation of religious freedom and freedom of speech depend on the speaker. They abhor "political correctness" when Phil Robertson is suspended for bashing gays, but when it's Madonna, or Ludacris, or any of dozens of other pop culture stars that they don't agree with, it's a different story.
If there's anybody in today's society who has proven to be ethically dishonest, it's groups like these.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Beyonce: ‘I Want To Follow In Madonna’s Footsteps’

Joining fans to celebrate the album’s release in the city, the ‘Tell Me‘ performer answered a number of questions via the photo-sharing platform Instagram, doing so at the ‘School of Visual Arts.’

On the release, she shared:
“I’m very private and I’m very respectful, and I think it just took me no longer being someone’s child once I became a mother, I felt like I could tear those fourth walls and I just felt like it was time.I completely feel liberated.”

“I felt like I wanted follow in the footsteps of Madonna and be a powerhouse and have my own empire.And (to) show other women when you get to this point in your career, you don’t have to go sign with someone else and share your money and your success, you can do it yourself.”

Saturday Night Fever!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Strike a Pose...2005

Lady Gaga & Christina Aguilera - Do What U Want (Live The Voice)


Yes yes yes yes yes!!!  This vocal session was absolutely amazing – a far departure from the expected screamfest we are sure some envisioned.  
Putting to rest a longstanding rumor of feuding, the two vocal powerhouses showed off their chops without showing off each other.

We define applaud, applaud, applaud the divas for a collabo and can only hope that instead of collaborating with Britney Spears that Gaga reconsiders and gets Xtina on the track.
Wonder if Perez Hilton is somewhere seething.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Madonna to spend Christmas with Sean Penn?

Madonna and Sean Penn may spend Christmas together after the singer dumped her 25-year-old boyfriend, Brahim Zaibat. The former flames have been tipped to reunite after spending time together in Haiti recently.
The ‘Material Girl’ singer recently went on a charity trip to Haiti with the 53-year-old actor, to whom she was married between 1985 and 1989, and it’s thought the pair may be rekindling their romance as she recently split from her boyfriend of three years.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ”She needs someone who is more of an equal. She needs to be challenged, which Sean does.

”Sean and Madonna now want to see each other over Christmas and Madonna’s even considering getting a place out in Haiti. They’re in touch non-stop. Friends are joking they’ll be remarried by this time next year.”

Madonna, 55, was reportedly urged to split from Brahim, 25, after getting spiritual advice at the Kabbalah Centre in New York City.

The source added: ”The leaders there told her to finish it, saying Brahim’s energy is not right for her at the moment and that she needs someone older.

”Brahim was good for her for a while, as she needed someone young and fun with no strings attached.”

The ‘Hung Up’ hitmaker and actor Sean spent some time together in Haiti last month when she toured the country to see the relief work achieved in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in 2010.

I'll Remember...1985


#tbt @madonna holding her new baby Rocco,with her sister Melanie.LosAngeles..photo by me

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Madonna tops Forbes’ Highest Earning Women in Music 2013 list

Forbes just posted their annual list of the top-earning women in music 2013, not to be confused with their top-earning musicians and top-earning celebrities lists, where Madonna dominates too....hahaha ha

Madonna pulled in $125 million over the past year, making her music’s top earner of any genre or gender and the highest-paid celebrity of any stripe. She augments her income with merchandise sales, her Material Girl clothing line and her Truth or Dare fragrance. But Madge’s millions mostly came from the tail end of her MDNA Tour, which grossed $305 million.
Entertainment attorney Lori Landew of Fox Rothschild says…

She has global hits and they span decades and genres and generations. Madonna draws her audiences from so many pools and she has connected to so many people through her music that it should be no surprise that her tours are so successful.

Full list…

01. Madonna – $125 million
02. Lady Gaga -$80 million
03. Taylor Swift – $55 million
04. Beyoncé – $53 million
05. Jennifer Lopez – $45 million

To make the list, Forbes looked at income from June 1st, 2012 through June 1st, 2013, using data sources including Pollstar, the RIAA, Nielsen SoundScan, managers, lawyers and many of the artists themselves. They took into account concert ticket sales, royalties for recorded music and publishing, merchandise sales, endorsement deals and other business ventures. The estimates reflect pretax income before deducting fees for agents, managers and lawyers.

I'll Remember...2005

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Madonna Single Again?

Sources reveal EXCLUSIVELY to PerezHilton.com that the Queen Of Pop is single and… NOT romantically mingling with her ex!

Madonna's recent humanitarian trip to Haiti with ex-husband Sean Penn had us and a lot of hardcore fans hoping for a reconciliation between the former lovers. However, we will have to keep holding our breath for that one!
Our digging did pay off, though, as sources tell us that Madonna is done done DONE with dancer boyfriend of the past couple years, Brahim Zaibat.
The relationship ran its course and came to a screeching halt over distance and work obligations, specifically Brahim being involved with the French version of Dancing With the Stars now.
"M thought that was too cheesy," says a source. Another adds that Madonna felt "used" and that there's "no chance" she and her former backup dancer will get back together.
Yeah, but what about Sean Penn????

Lourdes Stars in Grease High School Musical

There are worse things she could do! Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon starred in her high school's production of Grease on Sunday, Dec. 8. The 17-year-old student played the role of Betty Rizzo -- and certainly looked the part!

In one scene, Lourdes, styling shoulder-length dark hair, showed off her dance skills in a black-and-red dress on stage at LaGuardia High School in New York City. She showed some attitude while channeling the tough, sarcastic leader of the Pink Ladies, played by Stockard Channing in the 1978 film.
"[She was] really good," an eyewitness told Us Weekly of Lourdes' performance. "She is a great singer, dancer and actress and seemed completely comfortable on the stage. She also seemed like she was having a lot of fun with the part."

Luckily, Lourde's mother Madonna managed to make it to at least one of her shows. A source told Us that the 55-year-old Material Girl watched her daughter with Lola's father, Madonna's ex Carlos Leon, perform on Friday, Dec. 6, but kept a low-profile in the auditorium.

In the show's program, Lourdes' bio read: "She would like to thank her parents with all of her heart for giving her guidance and love and supporting her passions wholeheartedly."