Saturday, December 31, 2011

Strike a Pose - 2008

Madonna Samples...


In 2000 Madonna allowed Australian electronic music group The Avalanches to sample 'Holiday's' bass line. According to EMI, it was the first time that the Material Girl had okayed an act to sample one of her works.

I'll Remember...1992

1992 UK 3-track limited edition Picture CD single, including 'Shine a Light', 'Little Boy' & 'On The Ground'

Here Come The Claws

Thank the heavens, FINALLY, something interesting happened. Somewhere between the fifty RUSSELL AND KATY SPLIT articles and watching paint dry, Michael K pulled a little gem out of his no-no that will make all of our black hearts smirk with satisfaction. Celebitchy reports that the World Bitch Slap Championship has been scheduled at the Golden Globe Awards, and the headliners are Angelina Jolie and Madonna. I usually avoid the celebs-slobbering-on-themselves awards shows like LeAnn Rhimes avoids a cheeseburger, but suddenly the GGs are sparking my interest.
This battle has been brewing for awhile. Back in 2006, when Madonna adopted her son David, Angie threw shade all over her ass in an interview where she said “Madonna knew the situation in Malawi, where (David) was born. It’s a country where there is no real legal framework for adoption. Personally, I prefer to stay on the right side of the law. I would never take a child away from a place where adoption is illegal.” Hahaha that Angie, always making jokes. Apparently Angie didn't like Madge muscling in on her save the children territory, and thought her copy-cat ass should stick to thrusting her memaw crotch in time to her music. Anyway, the bad blood has continued to flow between these two in a passive-aggressive death by a thousand cuts fest since then.
Guy Ritchieand Brad Pitt were really good friends and hung out every chance they got. So that brings us to the Golden Globes, where Madonna's W.E. has gotten nods for music and technical awards and Angelina's In the Land of Blood and Honey has a Best Foreign Film nomination. It will be the first time the two are nose job to cheek implant. God please, if you will seat them at adjoining tables, I will never smoke weed again!!! Okay, only on days ending in Y. I swear though, I will give it up permanently if MK drunk blogs and it goes a little something like this.

Friday, December 30, 2011

“Turn Up The Radio” Demo

Martin Solveig and Sunday girl recorded a track titled “Turn Up The Radio” earlier this year. Solveig has been playing it during live sets but we have yet to receive a studio version of the track. It was also rumored to be included on Martin Solveig’s 2011 effort Smash but obviously never made the cut and now it comes with good reason.
Muumuse and Hard Candy Music are now reporting that the stellar dance track is set to make the cut for the new Madonan album and is already being considered for single treatment! Judging by the demo, it should definitely be a single!  Beautiful sweeping synths take charge for “Turn Up The Radio”, I can totally hear Madonna on a record like this!
In other Madge briefings, Benny Benassi, William Orbit, and Stuart Price (my personal fave) are all said to be involved in official mixing for the new single “Gimme All Your Luvin”. Not surprising considering the Queen has worked with all 3 producers before on previous projects.
Listen to the live demo of “Turn Up The Radio” below, what do you think?


Bang Bang Boom

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Album Title And Tracklist REVEALED?!

Real or fake?
An image of an alleged copy of Madonna's new album, apparently titled LUV, has leaked onto the internet, and although it's already been taken down by the powers that be, it - along with the logos for Interscope and Live Nation - features a full tracklist!
No sign of Girls Gone Wild or Bang Bang Boom...maybe they will be bonus tracks?! 

 Can't wait for 2012!  Are you ready?

Dangerous Faith
Sitting on the Whole World
Turn Up the Radio
Waving with the Crowd
Suspended to the Light
Gimme All Your Luvin’
Crossed Fingers
Birthday Song
Reason & Passion
Solar Salvation
The Darkness Void

Monday, December 26, 2011

I'll Remember...2005

In 2005 Madonna' camp sued Mary J. Blige, Aftermath producer Dr. Dre and rapper Eve for copyright infringement. The song "Not Today" too closely resembled Madonna's classic 1983 hit "Holiday."   According to court documents, the company alleges that parts of "Not Today," which was featured in the film "Barbershop 2" starring Eve and Ice Cube, includes several obvious instances of reproduction.  New York musicologist Judith Finell, an expert witness on copyright infringement, compared the two songs and concluded that "Not Today" is similar enough to "Holiday" and warrants further investigation. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Madge's Truth Or Dare Perfume Ad

Because the high-pitched fear screams from her boy toy lying in the crib cage next to her bed keeps her up at night, the only way Madonna can slip into a sleep coma is if she rests her head on a silk pillow case with a picture of what she loves most on it: HERSELF! That must have been the inspiration for her perfume ad, because bitch looks like she's taking a nap on herself.  The picture for this mess of an ad was taken from a spread she did for Interview Magazine last year. Aren't there anti-Photoshop laws now? 

Shouldn't this ad look more like this:

Just for Fun:)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I'll Remember...1991

New Deets On Madonna's Truth Or Dare Fragrance

New details have emerged about Madonna's debut fragrance Truth or Dare!
As we mentioned last month, the highly anticipated scent hits Macy's shelves on March 26th and you better believe there's going to be lots of advertising.

Instead of wasting money on a new photo shoot, Madge is reusing images from her 2010 Interview magazine spread shot by Mert & Marcus.  let's prey that they use some outtakes instead of the photos already published.

Pricing for the eau de parfum has also been revealed: 30ml $28, 50ml $39.00 and 75ml $55.

And apparently the fragrance is just the beginning for Truth or Dare. The line will eventually offer other products like bracelets, earrings, lingerie and even a special Dom Pérignon champagne bottle with custom made packaging.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just for Fun:)

All The Way Mae!

Even MORE Deets On Madonna's New Album!

We know, we know. Madonna news. You're about to sh*t yourselves!

So okay, the first thing we've heard is that 'TRUST' is opening the album — a strings and flutes song co-written by Sia and produced by William Orbit.

Now some fans are skeptical, saying Sia has confirmed her song didn't make it to the album, BUT other fans know that's probably just talk to keep us guessing.   What is the theme of the song? Anyone remember the Aidan situation for Sex and the City 2? Uhm ya, our thoughts exactly!

We've also found out there are four ballads on the album! Four! Get your kleenex ready!!

Oh! And guess who's doing the artwork for the album cover!! Giovanni Bianco!!! We know, ah-mazing!!

And we know all the club-hoppers want some remix news, so we've got some of that for ya too! Apparently Martin Solveig and Stuart Price have both done some remixing to Gimme All Your Luvin!!!!

Amazeballs!!! We are SO stoked about this! We're excited about Christmas, but damn, can it just be March already??? LOL!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nicki Minaj & MIA Tribute Madonna In New Video

There isn’t long  to go till Madonna‘s ‘Gimme All Your Luvin’ video featuring Nicki Minaj and MIA makes it television debut.

So, in a bid to whet the appetites of their respective fan bases, today saw the surfacing of a snap taken from the video’s shoot which gives some indication of what the world can expect from the hotly anticipated clip.

Paying respect to the icon’s ever changing look, the pair can be seen rocking two distinctive looks from the performer’s career, with Nicki donning a blonde Madonna styled wig and MIA in a look similar to the one sported by Ciccone in her ‘Like A Virgin’ set, now almost thirty years back.

The trio are set to perform the track live at the Superbowl in little over a month. We want to know, though…

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Exclusive: Madonna Reacts to Golden Globe Nominations

Madonna sat down for a one-hour interview with Anderson today, discussing her new film "W.E.," her upcoming performance at the Super Bowl, and in this show preview, the superstar shares her exclusive reaction to the film's two Golden Globe nominations for Original Song and Original Score. 

"I am so proud of Abel Korzeniowski, who did the score of my film. It was a great way to wake up this morning," Madonna tells Anderson. 

The "Anderson" episode will air in February 2

I'll Remember...1992

Deeper And Deeper Belgium Warner Music Benelux promotional shaped card display

New Deets On What's Next For Madonna At Interscope

Get ready for A LOT more Madge in UR life!
Back in 2007, Madonna signed a 10-year deal with Live Nation, reportedly worth $100 million! Wowsa!
Now, we've got some new details on her Live Nation/Interscope Records three album deal, which will make up a $40 million portion of her $100 mil deal!
Here are the updates:
 - New single Gimme All Your Luvin to be released last week of January
- New album is finished and gets released in March 2012 on Interscope Records
- Madge's '360' deal includes studio albums, touring, merchandising, fan club/website, DVDs, music-related tv/film projects, and 'associated sponsorship agreements'

Here's what Madonna's manager Guy Oseary had to say about the deal:
"We anticipate a very bright future at our new home."

And more from Interscope Geffen A&M Chairman Jimmy Iovine:
"Very rarely does an opportunity like this come around. We would like to thank Madonna, Guy and Live Nation for their belief in us."

We're BEYOND excited to see what Madge brings us in the upcoming years! We know the new album will be A-MAZING!!!!!!!

……Is it March yet?????

50 Vs Madonna Or 50 Vs Interscope?

50 Cent seems to have a beef with Interscope. The rappers latest single, Girls GO Wild, was set to release on December 31st.
Interscope had released the news as well as the artwork for the single.

Now fellow Interscope artist Madonna is scheduled to release her Girls GONE Wild.  50 voiced his concern on Twitter, saying:
Man Interscope put out the single art saying its coming out on the 31st but its not coming out. I'm not putting my album out till we are all on the same page.

These people are gonna make kill one of them. Now Madonna's single is called GIRLS GONE WILD. This is some bull sh*t.
This is nuts to me. I try to do everything I can to keep my cool you know what? If they don't care I don't care I'm putting out a video now.

Sounds like 50 has a problem about whose girls are going wild.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The M Blog is now on Facebook!

Madonna Signs Three Album Deal With Interscope

Madonna fans rejoice.  For today, reports regarding the icon’s rumored partnership with Interscope were confirmed.
Yes, she has signed a three album contract with the label, in a bid to kick start the next era of her lengthy career.
According to Billboard Biz, the 50 something has inked a deal which will see her next three albums distributed by the label,which is also home to fellow attention seeker Lady GaGa.
This deal will not affect her standing contract with Live Nation, with whom she signed a $100 million deal  with back in 2007, a year before the release of her ‘Hard Candy' album and the launch of its 'Sticky & Sweet’ tour.
While all the details of this new venture with Interscope are yet to emerge, this news will be sure to silence any who had been under the impression the performer was planning to retire from music to focus on her other endeavors.
For, now that we know the coming years will spawn three brand spanking new LP’s from the ‘Vogue‘ maestra, it will be some time before the charts see the back of a woman who is just as relevant today as she was when she debuted.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ask Madonna a Question!

"Nightline" Anchor Cynthia McFadden Will Ask Madonna Anything You Want To Know
PHOTO: Madonna watches the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project dancers at Roseland Ballroom in this Nov. 12, 2011 file photo in New York City.
"Nightline" anchor Cynthia McFadden has an upcoming exclusive interview with Madonna, which will air on "Good Morning America," "Nightline" and "20/20" in the coming weeks.
But now is your chance to ask the iconic queen of Pop anything you want to know. We want you, the viewers, to ask the Material Girl questions. Fill out the form below to tell us your question and "Nightline" anchor Cynthia McFadden could put it directly to Madonna. Some will be selected for a special online feature.

Ask Here

Monday, December 12, 2011

Madonna & M.I.A. Sing Happy Birthday To Nicki Minaj!

How many people in the world can say that!
Nicki Minaj was actually on the set of Madonna's new music video, Give Me All Your Love, when she got one year older, but that just meant that the Queen of Pop had something special planned for her.
Madge, along with M.I.A, who is also on the track, got the whole crew together to bring her a cake and sing Happy Birthday in joyful unison.
Check out the video (above) to hear for yourself!
Also, do you LOVE how much Nicki is a fan! Asking if someone got the picture of Madonna giving her a birthday kiss!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'll Remember...1989

Her controversial artistic vision cost Madonna a lucrative ad campaign in 1989. Before Like A Prayer was released, Pepsi announced that it had signed a $5 million deal in which they would feature her new video in a commercial and sponsor her next world tour. It was to be used as the global launchpad for the single before it was officially released. Filming brought with it the first signs of trouble, with Madonna refusing to use the Pepsi brand name in it or hold a can of the soft drink. A day after the finished commercial was aired, the official video for Like A Prayer was released to instant protests from religious groups all over the world for its overt Christian references. Protestors also called for a boycott of Pepsi and it's subsidiaries including Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Pizza Hut. Ultimately, Pepsi pulled the plug and also cancelled the larger world tour deal for her. She did get to keep the $5 million, by all accounts.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Madonna one of the Men's Health's 100 Hottest Women All Time

5. Madonna
It’s been a long time since the Material Girl was like a virgin. In fact, 30 years after she made her debut, Madonna—through more costume changes than a one-man stage production of Ben Hur—has captured the world’s heads, hearts, and hormones with startling consistency. She’s like a flip-book of fashion, gyration, and melody bonded by a Zeitgeist-defining compunction for incessant, provocative reinvention. It’s as impossible to imagine pop culture without Madonna as it is to guess what a light bulb would do without Benjamin Franklin. From shredded wedding dresses to cone-shaped bras, fascist military fatigues to, uh, absolutely nothing, being faithful to Madonna—who has sold some 300-million albums worldwide—is getting to love a million women at the same time, and that’s something we cherish.

Why in the world did they use this photo to represent the QUEEN?  Even she would not approve.  Just saying...

Video: Madonna at W.E. screening

Here is a some video and interview footage of Madonna attending a screening of W.E. at the Museum of Modern Art on Sunday night in New York City.

McDonna Chows Down On French Fries And Champagne, Will Appear On Anderson Cooper

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
First, the value meal...
Madonna held court at Crown in New York hours after a Cinema Society screening her upcoming movie W.E.. She huddled in a booth in the packed restaurant, munching on French fries and drinking champagne at the star-studded bash, which drew out everyone from Anderson Cooper to Kim Cattrall. "She was in great spirits," says a source, who adds that Madonna stuck around until midnight. "She was beaming."

Now, Pooper Cooper...
Insiders are reporting to madonnalicious that Madonna is due to be interviewed by Anderson Cooper on his US TV show Anderson in New York City next week.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nicki Minaj On New Madonna Video: “She Kissed Me!”

Already one of the most anticipated comebacks in recent memory, Madonna‘s new project is generating heightened buzz today – thanks to a certain Nicki Minaj.
The Young Money maven shared details from the set of her Madgesty’s new video‘Give Me Your Love’ – which she features on.
Let’s just say, at 53, ol’ Madge isn’t toning down her racy antics. Details after the jump…
Writing on Twitter this morning, Minaj said:
OH MY f’ingggg Gahhhh!!!!! MADONNA jus kissed me!!!!! On the lips!!!!!!! It felt sooooo good. Soooo soft!!!! *passes out* aaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!
*kisses each one of my barbz so they too can taste queen madonna* I love u guys sooo much!!!! This video is of epic proportion! Love uuuu!!!
Yes! It was recorded!!! *hopes & prays this footage appears somewhere* lmaoooooooooooo
No barbz…like…seriously…it felt soooooooooo good!!!!!!! Sooooo soft! Like what?!?!?! bwahahahhahahahahahaha!!!!
I was shocked but kissed back!!!ahhh! > RT @MzBellaBarbie:@NICKIMINAJ how did u react when she kissed you? Shocked? Spazzed? Kissed back?
It was more romantic. Bwaha! > RT @ItsMarthaBitch:@NICKIMINAJ was it like the Madonna/Britney kiss or did y’all make your own HERstory?
Having built a career on “shock & awe”, we won’t be surprised if this “magic moment” finds its way into the final cut of the clip. That said, gotta love ol’ Madge. She may be over half a decade old, yet she stays selling her long-expired sex appeal. You’re only as old as you feel…I guess.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

In Honor of W.E.,

Madonna’s 5 Best Moments on the Big Screen
Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 3.05.58 AM.png

Madonna’s much-maligned W.E. opens in limited release in New York and L.A. this week, and I thought we’d wipe the taste of Venetian backlash and hydrangea topnotes out of our mouths and remember five occasions when Lourdes’s mother kicked ass in films. Because she did, people. Let’s strap on our bangles, writhe in our fishnets, and point our cone bras back at Madonna’s sunnier moments at the cineplex.

5. Breathless Mahoney’s coquettish insecurities in Dick Tracy
While Madonna is too voracious and self-conscious a superstar to be a Betty Boop-type coquette, she makes a lot of her cutesy dialogue believable in Dick Tracy, the ‘90 comic-book caper that holds up surprisingly well. If her nightclub rendition of the Oscar-winning tune “Sooner or Later” doesn’t stop you in your tracks, you’ll emit a gentle guffaw here when she coos, “I know how you feel. You don’t know if you want to hit me or kiss me. I get that a lot.” Do I detect a strand of Grace Kelly’s accent in that voice?
4. Susan’s woozy wiles in Desperately Seeking Susan
If superstardom is about timing as much as talent, then Madonna cashed in at just the right moment with her debut performance in Desperately Seeking Susan. As the titular dance-hall urchin who ends up trading places with a bored housewife (Rosanna Arquette), Madonna landed the chance to play and promote herself: a cheeky, brash, intermittently straightforward man-killer with undeniable charisma. Watch  here as she befuddles Mark Blum, who’s not even clever enough to realize the music playing is Madonna’s own “Into the Groove.”
3. The grit of Dangerous Game

Madonna once said of her starring role in Dangerous Game, the ‘93 Abel Ferrara film that was released (barely) on her own Maverick imprint, “Even though it’s a shit movie and I hate it, I am good in it.” I have to agree: She’s both chillier and more vulnerable here than in any of her earlier films, and it’s impossible to look away from her as she spars with Harvey Keitel. Ironically, she’s pretty damn effective when playing an actress

2. The tender side of A League of Their Own’s “All the Way” Mae

The denial ends here: You can have your Evitas and Dick Tracys, but the single best Madonna movie (with a narrative) is A League of Their Own. As “All the Way” Mae Mordabito, Madonna is a naughty, yet emotional powerhouse on the Rockford Peaches, a WWII-era women’s baseball team. Here, she helps a teammate learn to read with the aid of some steamy literature. While working entirely in the company of women, Madonna seems perfectly at ease as an actress — she even outshines her Oscar-winning teammate Geena Davis.

1. The candor of Truth or Dare

There’s no replacing or topping Truth or Dare, the documentary that chronicles Madonna during her very best tour and at her most staggering popularity. The black-and-white cinematography somehow feels unpretentious here, perhaps because it’s offset by such fulgent, Technicolor concert sequences. The single best moment, in my estimation, is the actual “Truth or Dare” game where backup singer Donna DeLory asks Madonna to name the love of her life. Like a material girl who lives to tell, Madonna follows suit, and it’s a heartbreaking and unforgettable reveal.