Monday, December 26, 2011

I'll Remember...2005

In 2005 Madonna' camp sued Mary J. Blige, Aftermath producer Dr. Dre and rapper Eve for copyright infringement. The song "Not Today" too closely resembled Madonna's classic 1983 hit "Holiday."   According to court documents, the company alleges that parts of "Not Today," which was featured in the film "Barbershop 2" starring Eve and Ice Cube, includes several obvious instances of reproduction.  New York musicologist Judith Finell, an expert witness on copyright infringement, compared the two songs and concluded that "Not Today" is similar enough to "Holiday" and warrants further investigation. 

"Both the pitches and the rhythms sound closely related," Finell told the Associated Press. "I don't think they're identical, because Madonna's song is in what we call 'major key' and Mary J Blige's song is in a �minor key.�"

The publishers of Madonna's song could receive at least $15 million if the case goes to trial and jurors determine that "Not Today" sounds notably similar to "Holiday."