Friday, December 9, 2011

Madonna one of the Men's Health's 100 Hottest Women All Time

5. Madonna
It’s been a long time since the Material Girl was like a virgin. In fact, 30 years after she made her debut, Madonna—through more costume changes than a one-man stage production of Ben Hur—has captured the world’s heads, hearts, and hormones with startling consistency. She’s like a flip-book of fashion, gyration, and melody bonded by a Zeitgeist-defining compunction for incessant, provocative reinvention. It’s as impossible to imagine pop culture without Madonna as it is to guess what a light bulb would do without Benjamin Franklin. From shredded wedding dresses to cone-shaped bras, fascist military fatigues to, uh, absolutely nothing, being faithful to Madonna—who has sold some 300-million albums worldwide—is getting to love a million women at the same time, and that’s something we cherish.

Why in the world did they use this photo to represent the QUEEN?  Even she would not approve.  Just saying...