Friday, December 2, 2011

Yes!!! New Details About The BALLAD On Madonna's Next Album & New Movie!

Feel free to express yourself in happy jumps and squeals from this newly leaking intel!
It has been CONFIRMED by Guy Oseary that Madonna recorded a ballad for her own movie W.E. Now, we can tell you more!

The song is called Masterpiece, apropos considering it will come from a master, and it's been produced by William Orbit.

As for the context of the song, sources indicate that it is about "what it feels to love and be loved like a piece of art and how fragile this love can be." The source further adds that the track is " very orchestral," but when Madge does let out a note of her own, it is "stunning." The will also be dually released on the movie's soundtrack and Madonna's new album.