Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Madonna Signs Three Album Deal With Interscope

Madonna fans rejoice.  For today, reports regarding the icon’s rumored partnership with Interscope were confirmed.
Yes, she has signed a three album contract with the label, in a bid to kick start the next era of her lengthy career.
According to Billboard Biz, the 50 something has inked a deal which will see her next three albums distributed by the label,which is also home to fellow attention seeker Lady GaGa.
This deal will not affect her standing contract with Live Nation, with whom she signed a $100 million deal  with back in 2007, a year before the release of her ‘Hard Candy' album and the launch of its 'Sticky & Sweet’ tour.
While all the details of this new venture with Interscope are yet to emerge, this news will be sure to silence any who had been under the impression the performer was planning to retire from music to focus on her other endeavors.
For, now that we know the coming years will spawn three brand spanking new LP’s from the ‘Vogue‘ maestra, it will be some time before the charts see the back of a woman who is just as relevant today as she was when she debuted.

Madonna has signed with Interscope, a source close to the situation confirmed to Wednesday morning (Dec. 14).
According to a report in the New York Post, the singer will continue the 10-year multi-rights deal with Live Nation — said to be worth more as much as $100 million — that she signed in 2007, but has inked a three-album pact with Interscope at a base of $1 million per album.’s source could not confirm the terms of the deal at press time but said the report sounded right.
Madonna left Warner Bros., her label home of 25 years, after the release of her 2008 album “Hard Candy.” Her subsequent Live Nation-produced “Sticky & Sweet” tour grossed $408 million worldwide, according to Billboard Boxscore, highest ever for a female artist.
While she is signed with Live Nation, the company’s CEO Irving Azoff reiterated to Billboard in February that it would partner with some other entity in releasing Madonna’s next album. Executives at the firm have stated repeatedly that they don’t intend to enter the record business full-tilt.
“Live Nation, prior to the merger, entered into some of these all-rights deals, so there are certain artists, Madonna being one of them, that there is a recorded music strategy,” Azoff said. “Once she gets the album recorded, we’ll sit down with her and her manager Guy Oseary and figure out what’s best for the record. It has to start with the music.”
Azoff said Madonna would begin recording the album as soon as she finished work on her directing debut, “W.E.,” a look at the scandalous love affair between Wallis Simpson and Britain’s King Edward VIII, which is out early next year. A rough version of a ballad called ” Masterpiece,” reportedly from the film and her forthcoming album, leaked last week.
Also last week, it was confirmed that Madonna will be performing during halftime at the Super Bowl on February 5 in Indianapolis.
A different song, “Give Me All Your Love,” leaked last month and Madonna teased the crowd about it during a Smirnoff event in New York last month, but stopped short of playing it. Last week, M.I.A. let it slip that she, Madonna and Nicki Minaj were working on a new song together.