Saturday, December 3, 2011

Like a Masterpiece

Oh man! Does this bring us back to mid-'90s, Something to Remember ballad era or what?!
Masterpiece, a new song from Madonna that was recorded for the soundtrack of her new movieW.E., and also rumored to be on her upcoming album, has found its way onto the net, and is an absolutely gorgeous, stripped down track that really lets her vocals shine!  LOVE it!  So, so pretty!  We cannot wait for more! Keep 'em coming, gurl!  You are QUEEN!
Click here to listen to 'Masterpiece'

If you were the Mona Lisa
you would be hanging in the Lourve
everyone would come and see you
you may be impossible to move.
It’s seems to me that’s what you are
a rare and priceless work of art
stay behind your velvet rope
but I will not renounce all hope.

And I’m right by your side
like a theif in the night
I stand in front of a masterpiece
and I can’t tell you why
it hurts much
to be in love with the masterpiece,
cause after all
nothing is indestructible.
From the moment I first saw you
all the darkness turned to light