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Gaga opens up on Madonna

lady gaga glamour  e1383092380712 Hot Shots: Lady GaGa Stuns In Glamour
Gaga opens up on Madonna interviewed by Andy Cohen both photographed by Patrick Demarchelier Gaga also discusses her fraught relationship with Madonna, which began when fans noticed that her hit “Born This Way” sounded like Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” 
“It did upset me when I saw a lot of young people fighting on the Internet [about it]. My desire is always to bring people together,” she explains. “I never care personally what people say about me. But is it inspiring a community to split down the center and go to war over who is the queen? The music, and the message — this will always be more important to me than people thinking I’m the best.”
Gaga also says she doesn’t like people speculating on whether or not she’ll have the kind of career longevity that Madonna has had.
"Who’s to say I’m anything like her at all? Who’s to say that my ambitions are even the same as hers?" she tells Glamour. "Who’s to say I’m not an entirely different person? Because I am."
“My ambition was never to rule the world. It was always to change the world,” says Gaga. “And once I started to become more and more successful, this voice in the back of my mind was telling me to make sure that I staked my claim as a person. The Born This Way Foundation isn’t about money at all. It’s about communities, people coming together.”It’s one of the reasons why she hates that people compared “Born This Way” to Madonna’s “Express Yourself.”
lady gaga glamour 2 e1383092656781 Hot Shots: Lady GaGa Stuns In Glamour

oh my...

Madonna & Rocco at Drake’s concert last night in Brooklyn

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Madonna Sells $20 Million Bev Hills Mansion

Madonna has rid herself of her massive Beverly Hills estate ... the one she bought during her marriage to Guy Ritchie ... and she pocketed a cool $8 MILLION in the process, TMZ has learned.

Madge had only listed the property back in January for $22.5 mil ... and just 10 months later, real estate guru Kurt Rappaport closed the deal for $20 mil. Not bad considering she bought the place in 2003 for $12 mil.

Real estate sources tell us ... the lucky guy who scooped up the pad is a Wall St. big shot.

The mystery buyer is clearly a fan of privacy ... 'cause the 17,000 square foot property is incredibly secluded -- with a 500 foot tree-lined driveway ... and massive trees covering the perimeter of the estate.

The home is insane -- with 15 bathrooms, 9 bedrooms, a 2-story dining room, pool, movie theater tennis court and a gym -- 'cause as we all know, Madge LOOOVES to pump iron.

So, where's Madonna gonna live now? We're told Madge is on the hunt for a smaller place in L.A. But don't worry about her ... she's still got massive properties in London and New York.

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Can You Spot The Difference?

2000                                                     2011

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kid Rock's: madonna 'ain't done nothin' for Detroit'!

If Madonna is upset about Kid Rock's criticism delivered Wednesday morning on a national TV network, she doesn't appear to be showing it.
Neither Madonna nor anyone in her camp had appeared by 4 p.m. Wednesday willing to respond to Kid Rock's claim on CNBC's "Squawk Box" show that "Madonna ain't done nothin' for Detroit."
Messages left with Liz Rosenberg, Madonna's publicist, and Silivio "Tony" Ciccone, her father, weren't immediately returned.
Silvio Ciccone owns Ciccone Vineyard and Winery in Sutton's Bay, Mich.
An woman who answered the phone at the business Wednesday afternoon gave a "no comment" about the matter and added that he likely wouldn't comment either.
Madonna, whose real name is Madonna Louise Ciccone, was born in Bay City, Mich. and grew up in the Metro Detroit suburbs of Pontiac and Avon Township (now Rochester Hills).
She's claimed Detroit roots in the past, but hasn't appeared active in much of anything pertaining to southeast Michigan for several years.
Madonna did, however, perform a concert last November at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit where she claimed the city is "making a comeback."
"This place made me who I am - a hard working girl," she told the crowd. "Detroit is making a comeback, I can feel it in my bones.
"We're making a comeback mother(bleepers), so everybody better watch out."
Madonna has also recently posted a few Detroit-related tweets:
Kid Rock certainly has made an effort to help Detroit prosper.
For more about his charitable efforts, check out a story I did about his generosity and Detroit pride that ran a few months ago.
The entire interview Kid Rock had on CNBC's "Squawk Box" can be viewed in the video player below.

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A history of high fashion and music: Madonna and Jean Paul Gaultier

Items lent by Madonna, like the iconic corsets from her 1990 Blond Ambition world tour, are on display as well as costumes from her 2006 Confessions tour and MDNA tour in 2012
Toronto Fashion Week kicks off Monday in, well, Toronto. Music and fashion have always been linked, whether it's a designer creating a look for an artist, a band inspiring a look or an artist trying their hand at designing.

Artists from all kinds of genres have forged relationships with fashion designers. Think Katy Perry and the Blonds, Lady Gaga and Nicola Formichetti, Florence Welch and Gucci. Alexander Wang uses Azealia Banks and Die Antwoord for his ad campaigns. Willie Nelson is in a John Varvatos campaign, and of course Lyle Lovett has a line of shirts.

With the exception of Michael Jackson's rhinestone glove, Madonna's cone bra is probably the most iconic piece of clothing ever worn by a musician. The cone bra was created by French designer Jean Paul Gaultier, who has made a lot of crazy bras.


Hard Candy Fitness, the global luxury fitness brand in partnership with Madonna and New Evolution Ventures (NeV), today announced the October 31st opening of Hard Candy Fitness Toronto located at 382 Yonge Street. The exquisite 42,000 sq. ft. facility is the brand's first club in North America and the largest of all current Hard Candy Fitness gyms whose current locations include Rome, Sydney, Santiago, Mexico City, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Russia, and Berlin. 

"We are very excited about the opening of Toronto's new Hard Candy Fitness," said Leonard Schlemm, chairman and co-owner, of Hard Candy Fitness Toronto. "The club is in one of the city's most beautiful condominium towers in arguably the most vibrant neighborhood in Toronto."

This full-scale club will exude the brand's signature modern style with high-end amenities, extensive cardio, functional strength and personal training spaces, state-of-the-art equipment, saunas, steam rooms, custom juice bar and an all-around rooftop terrace. Hard Candy Fitness Toronto members will benefit from unique group fitness programming with studios for everything from cycling and Pilates to yoga and cardio-dance - including Hard Candy Fitness' signature Addicted to Sweat workouts. Madonna and her long-time personal trainer, Nicole Winhoffer were directly involved in the selection of each Addicted to Sweat instructors at the Toronto location.

The club will be located on the top retail floor of the newly-constructed, 78-story Aura building at College Park. Built by the Canderel Real Estate Development Corporation, the building will be the tallest condominium in Canada with stunning views of the cityscape with an adjacent three acre park. The Toronto team, led by its President and CEO Annick-Isabelle Marcoux is made up of some of the top fitness experts and trainers in Canada.

Exclusive promotional membership packages are now available. For details, or to enroll, visit,, or call 416-979-1645.

Hard Candy Fitness is expected to announce the opening of several other locations this year as it continues its expansion into destination cities around the world. Madonna recently attended the official opening of Hard Candy Fitness in Berlin and taught an "Addicted To Sweat" class.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

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Who's That Girl...Now?

When we think of Madonna a number of things pop to our minds - cone-shaped bras, pelvic thrust-heavy music videos and snogging Britney.
But in addition to the weird and wonderful things the singer has done to enhance her pop career, Madge is also known for taking care of herself by doing a little bit, well, a lot of exercise, which has kept her looking younger than her years.
So when the singer, 55, attended the opening of the Hard Candy fitness club in Berlin on Thursday looking a tad plump and rather smooth in the face we took some time out to investigate what was going on around her facial area.
Now, as detectives of the human face, we're no experts, so unless Harry Potter's been hanging around to make some magical changes with his, erm, magic wand, we're going to suggest she's had a pretty impressive make-up job.
And we all know there are make-up tricks which can perform amazing tasks such as make you appear you have much higher and simply AMAZING cheekbones (anyone remember the time Kim Kardashian tweeted a picture of herself looking like she was heading out to a fancy dress party dressed as an alien? No? Oh, ok then. Well, it was actually a magical make-up trick designed to make her look even prettier, if that is actually possible).
Anyway, moving on, Madonna may have had some contouring going on using some sort of magical powder but she went for a classic look having painted her lips pink and pencilled in her eyebrows.
Her blonde, curly hair was tied back over her head and she was wearing a set of eyelashes so long they would have given the female population of Essex a run for their money.
Setting her face aside (not literally because that would be rather gross and disgusting and there would be a lot of blood to clear up) Madge still looked as hot as ever in her black outfit which seemed to have some sort of female biker influence running through it.
She wore a dark leather jacket and a pair of skin-tight, black leggings and a matching pair of heels which certainly ensured she held the power on the red carpet.
Magical make-up or not, we love and salute you Madge!