Saturday, October 12, 2013

Madonna's 1985 Look-Alike Still Madge's Biggest Fan

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In 2008 MTV News caught up with JeanAnn Difranco, winner of their 1985 'Macy's Madonna Land' look-alike contest.  JeanAnn has two children, 10-year-old Angelo and 6-year-old Gianna and has passed her adoration for Madonna to her children. Angelo knows all about his mother's love for the pop icon, and little Gianna even resembles Madge's own daughter, Lourdes. Dressed like a little Madonna look-alike herself, Gianna was wearing a lace dress, a crucifix necklace and the quintessential '80s Madonna accessory: the lace glove.  JeanAnn has never missed a Madonna concert, even when she was pregnant, and she was thrilled to purchase Madge's new album.