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The 10 Worst Missteps of Madonna's Career


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Strike a Pose...1990

Patrick Demarchelier

Like a Interview...1993

Madonna impersonator Viva Sex is one of the many guests in this episode of The Montel Williams Show in which Madonna's controversial stage performances and way of dressing are attacked and defended by audience members and panelists.

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'No. Just No' Kylie Slams Madonna's Cheerleader Look

KYLIE may have ended the public lovefest between herself and Madonna.
Minogue slated the 53-year-old's cheerleader costume after being egged on by comedian Joan Rivers on US gossip show Fashion Police.

Rivers showed Minogue a photo of Madonna dressed as a cheerleader and asked for her opinion.

"No. Just no," Minogue said.

Rivers didn't hold back either: "Madonna, stop it already, you're 108. Madonna as a cheerleader - what school does she go to? Our Lady of Osteoporosis? She looks like she flunked 10th grade 48 times."

Rivers also asked Minogue about Madonna's nipple flashing in Istanbul.

"Was she caught up in the moment, was it premeditated, who knows?" Minogue said. "I think it's got people more perplexed than excited by it."

Rivers also asked Minogue about the constant comparisons and competition between herself and Madonna, describing them as "the two great pop divas".

"Is that because we're the two oldest ones?," Minogue joked.

"Competition, I don't know. But I grew up such a fan of her. I don't even care how we're in the same sentence, it's quite good for me."

Strike a Pose...1997

Peggy Sirota

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I'll Remember...1986

"Baby Love" is a 1986 crossover hit single by Brooklyn-born singer Regina. The single hit number one on the dance charts for two weeks in mid-1986. The single also crossed over to the pop singles chart, where it peaked at #10 and also made the Top 30 on the Soul Singles chart. "Baby Love" would be her only single to chart on both the Pop and Soul Singles chart.
The song was written by Steve Bray, Regina Richards & Mary Kessler. Bray had written several hits for Madonna. It was intended for Madonna, with Regina deciding to record the song herself when Madonna declined. With Bray's production, it sounded similar to Madonna's own recordings and was sometimes mistaken for one

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Madonna was right to bare her boob at 53

The sight of Madonna baring a boob live on stage in front of 53,000 fans is still sparking outrage. Some critics reckon that, at 53, the singer is too old to be pop’s Queen Of Shock.

But that’s not how these three 53-year-old Sun readers feel.

And to prove their support, they donned undies just like those Madge wore when she flashed the flesh. As we reported on Monday, the mum-of-four pulled the stunt in Istanbul but some people (nobody who matters) slammed it as “cringy” and “desperate”.

Here, our readers tell JENNIFER TIPPETT how they felt as they recreated the pose and why Madonna is a positive role model for older women.

MUM-OF-ONE Sarah is from Southend, Essex. She says: “I felt nervous when I pulled my bra down but that’s only natural — Madonna probably did too. But then I felt empowered, it was an incredible feeling.

The super high heels we wore for the photoshoot were the scariest part because I’m not used to wearing them.

I have been a massive fan of Madonna since the Eighties — I wanted to be just like her.

She looks incredible now — better than a woman half her age and better than many of the young girls in the charts now.

Irrespective of being her biggest fan, I admire the way she behaves and I don’t see anything wrong with her showing her nipple on stage.

Madonna is a powerful, stunning woman so what is there not to love? I understand her eldest daughter may be a bit embarrassed but Lourdes has been brought up in a unique situation so probably expects it.

If she is a good mother that’s all that matters. We should celebrate the fact Madonna has a real body that is untouched by the surgeon’s knife. There are so many girls with fake breasts in the public eye now and Madonna has small natural breasts which are perfect.

She has worked hard for her body and we all know she has a clean lifestyle filled with yoga, exercise and healthy food. The fact that Madonna is natural means the effect isn’t raunchy and proves she is a good role model. She looks like a sexy, strong woman and in my books that can only be good.

People are always criticising her — whether it’s her muscular arms or religious views, everyone always has an opinion. Nothing Madonna does is too extreme to me, I back her 100 per cent.”

Tina Shaw, 53, aerobic instructor

'If you’ve got it, you should flaunt it at any age' ... Tina Shaw

TINA, from Caledonian Road, North London, says: “I never feel more liberated than when I’m topless — whether on the beach or at home.

It irritates me when you can’t be topless on some beaches because it means women wear teeny tiny bikini tops instead — which look raunchier than uncovered natural breasts. I have natural breasts and I think it’s nothing but a positive thing for me to be proud of them.

I don’t understand why everyone is so shocked about Madonna. She is trying to be shocking — that’s Madonna. I don’t believe she will change either and why should she? Her fans are all waiting for her to pull something new and shocking out of the bag. She’s been doing it for years — she’s the queen of sexy. How can there be so much fuss over a set of breasts? We’ve all got them. Hers looked great.

Women always seem to get the most flack when it comes to controversial situations. If it was a 53-year-old famous guy flashing his six-pack on stage, everyone would say, “Wow, what a lad” but because it’s a woman everyone is saying, “What an old bag”.

There’s a real age prejudice towards older women and it needs to stop. I’m not ready to grow old and I think that is probably the same for Madonna. If you’ve got it, you should flaunt it at any age. However, I appreciate doing that in Istanbul may be a little overboard — after all, it is a Muslim country.

She would have been better off pulling a stunt like that in London.”

Sue Scadding, 53, beauty therapist

'There are topless women out on the beach every day' ... Sue Scadding

SUE lives in Buckhurst Hill, Essex. She says: “Showing my nipple really didn’t bother me — it was the same as wearing a short skirt and revealing my legs. However, I’m not saying I would go around flashing. I felt like I was doing a show — just like Madonna.

I can’t believe how controversial showing a nipple is. Surely we aren’t all that shocked? I mean, it’s only a nipple for goodness sake. What Madonna has done is absolutely fine — she was on stage performing and being herself, she wasn’t walking down the street.

Despite her age, Madonna has a beautiful, natural body and that should be celebrated. Nobody will ever know exactly why she wanted to show her breast on stage but I don’t think it matters. They’re only boobs.

There are topless women out on the beach every day and nobody bats an eyelid. The boobs and bums on the beach are nowhere near as stunning as Madonna’s boobs and bum but nobody gets het up about that. I think she decided to flash on the spur of the moment — she seems like a spontaneous kind of woman.

And even if she did plan it, who cares? She is a superstar with a super-fit body so she isn’t showing anything unattractive. None of my male or female friends would be disgusted — Madonna should be proud of her healthy, beautiful self.

If you’re an older lady people assume you should act like an older lady. I disagree. No matter how old she gets she should never stop being herself. Good on Madonna — I hope she keeps going.”


Madonna Ciccone

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I'll Remember...1990

Madonna performs 'Holiday' in Rotterdam during her 1990 Blond Ambition tour.
Check out the 5:50 mark to see a girl she brings onto the stage near the end to dance with her.  Too cute.

I'll Remember...1992

Madonna,1993 Poster,USA,Deleted,POSTER,560582