Sunday, June 24, 2012

'No. Just No' Kylie Slams Madonna's Cheerleader Look

KYLIE may have ended the public lovefest between herself and Madonna.
Minogue slated the 53-year-old's cheerleader costume after being egged on by comedian Joan Rivers on US gossip show Fashion Police.

Rivers showed Minogue a photo of Madonna dressed as a cheerleader and asked for her opinion.

"No. Just no," Minogue said.

Rivers didn't hold back either: "Madonna, stop it already, you're 108. Madonna as a cheerleader - what school does she go to? Our Lady of Osteoporosis? She looks like she flunked 10th grade 48 times."

Rivers also asked Minogue about Madonna's nipple flashing in Istanbul.

"Was she caught up in the moment, was it premeditated, who knows?" Minogue said. "I think it's got people more perplexed than excited by it."

Rivers also asked Minogue about the constant comparisons and competition between herself and Madonna, describing them as "the two great pop divas".

"Is that because we're the two oldest ones?," Minogue joked.

"Competition, I don't know. But I grew up such a fan of her. I don't even care how we're in the same sentence, it's quite good for me."