Sunday, December 22, 2013

Beyonce: ‘I Want To Follow In Madonna’s Footsteps’

Joining fans to celebrate the album’s release in the city, the ‘Tell Me‘ performer answered a number of questions via the photo-sharing platform Instagram, doing so at the ‘School of Visual Arts.’

On the release, she shared:
“I’m very private and I’m very respectful, and I think it just took me no longer being someone’s child once I became a mother, I felt like I could tear those fourth walls and I just felt like it was time.I completely feel liberated.”

“I felt like I wanted follow in the footsteps of Madonna and be a powerhouse and have my own empire.And (to) show other women when you get to this point in your career, you don’t have to go sign with someone else and share your money and your success, you can do it yourself.”

“Honestly I was at a point where I felt like, you know, everything feels the same … that’s how I felt and if I could not challenge that, then maybe it’s time for me to do something else or develop more artists, which is something I want to do.I just hope that I continue to move forward and challenge myself, and I think now that I’ve become a mother, I just want my legacy to inspire people.”

“I took all of my insecurities, all of my doubts, all of my fears and everything I’ve learned over the 17 years and I applied it into this project. But more than the music — I’m proud of myself as a woman … the biggest message is owning your imperfections and all the things that make you interesting, because I refuse to allow someone to put me in anyone’s box.”