Friday, April 8, 2011

Perez Hilton

Would Madonna Accept A Role In Sunset Boulevard?

Hold up! Since when are you thinking about making Sunset Boulevard into a new movie-musical, Andrew Lloyd Webber! That's the most FABOOSH news we've heard all day!

Apparently, Andrew has been trying to get the project up and running, but his first step is to find the best Norma Desmond for the film version. He's top pick? MADONNA!

Can you just IMAGINE?! If we close our eyes and dream real hard, we can actually hear her sing a few bars of As If We Never Said Goodbye!!!

However, there is a small problem - Madge isn't taking his calls!!! According to reports, Andrew has tried and tried, but Madonna supposedly isn't interested!

But, but, but…WHY?!

Oh please! Just hear the man out! Just think - the last time you did a musical, you won a Golden Globe! Maybe that award deserves a friend!!!!

Think about it!