Thursday, April 14, 2011

Perez Hilton

More Outrage Over Lady GaGa's Judas Video

Which no one has seen - no one.

So, basically you're all freaking out over…nothing!

Reportedly, Lady GaGa plans on taking aim at some religous figures in her upcoming music video for Judas, including Mary Magdalene, a role she will allegedly take on herself. The Catholic Church has already said their peace on the subject (recap - they aren't happy), but now, a slew of prominent Latino groups from Phoenix are expressing their outrage as well.

Jorge Serrano of the civil rights group Take Back Aztlá took the original approach of comparing GaGa to Madonna, claiming:

“So, Lady Gaga is playing Mary Magdelene in her new video to ‘Judas.’ In the video, she witnesses a crime, falls in love with a Black Jesus figure and ends up saving the person wrongly accused of the crime. Wait—didn’t Madonna do that before? At least Madonna made people question religion and race. Lady Gaga is just exploiting the Catholic religion, which many Latinos follow,”

Yeah, that's not what people thought of Madonna 20 years ago! If you want to make a solid arguement, you better get your facts straight. Madonna got nothing but slack for her music videos with religious themes back in the day. Like A Prayer anyone???

Another group leader, Manual Longoria of Nuestros Reconquistos, had a similar opinoin to share of GaGaloo, but she also took aim at those who follow her music as well. She released a statement saying:

“Her song ‘Express Yourself’ already referred to Latina woman as ‘Cholas.’ She has already shown what a bigot she is. Now, she is going after Catholics? This woman is certainly repulsive, but her fans are not too bright for following allowing her message of racism and intolerance to travel."

First of all, bravo for comparing Born This Way to Express Yourself. Did you know you are the first one to do that?!

Second, what is really repulsive is formulating such a hateful opinion about a person or a group of people without having anything to back it up. You haven't seen the video! You have no idea what kind of angle she is going to bring to religion and the people from the Bible. You. Know.Nothing!

Because if you did, you would understand that GaGa's little monsters are the least intolerant group of people in the world. They, as does their mother monster, believe in inclusion and love for all, even people who judge them before getting to know them.

Save this for after the video comes out, huh? Right now, you're just wasting your breath and everyone's time.