Saturday, March 31, 2012

Christina Aguilera: “Album is coming out later this year!”

Christina Aguilera is taking her sweet precious time with her new album, confirming that the hotly anticipated project will be out a little bit later than expected.
She was interviewed backstage by her ‘Voice’ co-star and social media correspondent Christina Milian. Aggy claims that with ‘The Voice’ taking up much of her time, she’s had to change pace as far as the new album is concerned citing “later this year” for its release. After the interview, the two Christina’s sat courtside at the LA Lakers game in Los Angeles the night before (Xtina is even seen wearing the same dress). Good to know she’s taking her time with the album. Quality over quantity any day of the week for me. I also saw some new candids today and she’s definitely lost some weight. She’s also been giving Nicki Minaj some serious competition in the bootylicious department as well. A brand new single could very well be just around the corner.
Watch this space.