Monday, March 12, 2012

Madonna To Start A Shoe Line!

Truth Or Dare by Madonna and Aldo - Press ReleaseTruth Or Dare by Madonna and Aldo - Press ReleaseMadonna's Footwear Line
Madonna will be starting a new footwear line under the new Truth or Dare label, which is owned by MG Icon.
The line will have more than 60 styles, including flats, heels, booties, over-the-knee boots and will retail anywhere from $89 - $349.
Her stylist Arianne Phillips will be a creative consultant on the collection.
Speaking about Madge's influence on the shoes, Phillips said:
"Her fingers are really on this brand. The first thing I did was remind her of all the shoes she wore over the years, and we took the styles that we can’t live without. You can always depend on her to bring her style and provocateur quality, but she also has a very feminine perspective."
We are super excited about this endeavor! We can't believe it's taken this long to get our queen to create a shoe line!
The collection will be available later this year.