Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'll Remember...1987

Madonna - The Look Of Love - Rare French red sleeve 7"
Rare French 2 track 7" of The Look Of Love.  Fantastic French issue with the red sleeve, different to every other issue Worldwide.  Side 1:The Look Of Love

Side 2:  I Know It

I hated 'I Know It' back in the day when I first got the 'Madonna' album.  I thought it didn't fit in with the funky vibes of the rest of the album.  But, now listening to it I have gain a new appreciation for it.  It’s kind of old skool, like a 'True Blue' vibe.  I can envision the 'True Blue' video as the prequel to 'I Know It' and then it ends with 'Gang Bang'! 

A love story through songs by Madonna

I Want You
Get Together
True Blue
Crazy For You
Hung Up
I Know It
Till Death Do us part
The Power of Goodbye
Take a Bow
Bye Bye baby
Gang Bang