Friday, March 30, 2012

After ample anticipation, Jennifer Lopez‘s new single ‘Dance Again (ft. Pitbull)’ is finally here!
Having premiered literally seconds ago on The Ryan Seacrest Show, That Grape Juice -as ever-has you covered.

Can J.Lo and Pitbull recreate the magic that rendered ‘On The Floor’ such a smash? Judge for yourself. 
Pulsating and infectious, the track is undeniably a winner. The RedOne cut positions Lopez in her tried and tested mainstay (Dance/Pop), evoking a “worldly” sound in the vein of earlier releases such as ‘Let’s Get Loud’.

Yet, while it arguably tries, an ‘On The Floor’ this is not. For, the track stumbles somewhat with a cheesy weak chorus – which should, structurally, always be a song’s main strength. Yet, here the primary hook is trumped by the pre-chorus, verses, and overall production.
Still, the 42 year old seems to have discovered a forumla which is working for her at this point of her career. Why not max it out?