Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Madgesty Collection...1990

Keep It Together’ was released on January 30, 1990 as the 6th and final single from the album Like a Prayer.  The single was the last collaboration with writing partner Stephen Bray that Madonna released as a single.

Keep It Together’ entered the Billboard charts at number 56, eventually peaking in the number-eight spot during the week of March 31, 1990. The song's life at radio was enhanced by a remix heavily influenced by Soul II Soul's "Back To Life" single. (Ironically, Madonna would later work with Nellee Hooper - who was part of Soul 2 Soul.) 

During the next few weeks, the song fell quickly from its peak as ‘Vogue’ began gaining massive airplay and debuted on the singles chart while ‘Keep It Together’ was still in the Top 30. It also topped the Hot Dance Music/Club Play and Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales chart.

No videoclip was ever produced for 'Keep It Together'. However, some music channels used footage from the song's performance in the Blond Ambition Tour, which referenced A Clockwork Orange in its staging and featured an introductory verse from 'Family Affair' by Sly & the Family Stone.  MTV aired a Blond Ambition performance from the Houston concert that was repeated as a video for the song.

Keep It Together

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  1. I love the choreography of Keep it together. Madonna was great! BAT amazing show in every level!