Thursday, November 19, 2015

I'll Remember...2006

"Get Together" produced by Madonna and Stuart Price, was released as the third single from the “Confession On a Dancefloor” album on June 6, 2006. Initially the song "Jump" was to be released as the third single from the album but a decision was made to release “Get Together” instead of “Jump” spurred by the fact that "Get Together" was the third best-selling digital single from the Confessions on a Dance Floor album. Its digital sales stood at 20,000 at that time, whereas digital sales for "Jump" were only 9,000. It was also released to coincide with the start of Madonna's Confessions Tour. 

Contemporary critics appreciated the song, calling it fluid in nature and a wonderful dance track. They complimented Madonna's ability to turn cliché comments into pop slogans with the song. After its worldwide release, the song became a success on the dance charts of the United States but failed to enter the official Billboard Hot 100 chart. It reached the top ten in the countries Canada, the United Kingdom and Italy and topped the chart in Spain.

The music video was an animated version of Madonna's live performance at the Koko Club in London on November 15, 2005 during her promotional tour for the album.  It was inspired by the work of Italian comic-book artist Milo Manara and retro science fiction.

Madonna also performed the song on her Confessions Tour in 2006.  In 2007, the song was nominated in the category of Best Dance Recording at the 49th Grammy Awards but lost to Justin Timberlake's 2006 single "SexyBack".

The cover artwork for the single features Madonna and her Confessions Tour crew members, including the song's producer Stuart Price. The photo alternatively can also be found on the inlay cover of the I'm Going to Tell You a Secret DVD.


  1. I just wanna dance when i hear this song! I love Get Together :-*

  2. Great song!!
    Thank you for sharing info about the song.