Monday, October 29, 2012

Poor ticket sales in Latin Ameria Force Lady Gaga to use Madonna's Stage

It seems Lady Gaga is having so much trouble selling tickets to her ‘Born This Way Ball’ tour in Latin America that her concert promoter Live Nation has forced her to use Madonna’s MDNA stage in order to cut costs. Paws Down Little Monsters has pictures of Gaga’s stage in Mexico City and you can see that the structure of the stage looks virtually identical to the one built for Madonna.

This may be what Madonna was referring to when she said one day very soon they would share a stage. Ouch.
Paws Down says Live Nation found a clever way to cut costs of her underperforming show, “Instead of shipping the whole stage structure for Gaga (which is costly), [Live Nation] only transported the regular stage (the one that is small enough to be built in arenas, smaller than a basket ball court) and built it underneath the MDNA tour structure.”
Additionally, Lady Gaga’s tour promoter in Brazil, Riachuelo has confirmed they are offering a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ deal for her upcoming show in São Paulo. Anyone who purchases a ticket for the show will receive one free ticket. The show will be held at Morumbi Stadium on November 11th. This coincides with other deep discounts in the region, including Groupon deals allowing customers up to 96% off original retail prices.
The question remains to be seen whether or not Lady Gaga will use the MDNA stage for all of her Latin American shows.
This is still not being reported by the mainstream news. And why not?