Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Sick Madonna Shortens MDNA Set List

A combination of a suspect package, torrential rain and Madonna feeling unwell meant that the show in Santiago, Chile last night (Tuesday 19 December) did not start until 11:35pm and several songs were cut from the show - including the whole opening section. The show started instead from 'Express Yourself'.

...or perhaps she was so angry at the soundcheck crowd for smoking in her presence she decided to punish the lessers?Here is a video clip of Madonna in the rain during the soundcheck of 'Human Nature' telling off fans for smoking in the audience.

The set list included:

  1. "Express Yourself" 
  2. "Give Me All Your Luvin'" (Just Blaze Remix)
  3. "Turning Up the Hits" (Video Interlude) 
  4. "Turn Up the Radio" 
  5. "Open Your Heart"
  6. "Holiday"
  7. "Spanish Lesson"
  8. "Masterpiece"
  9. "Justify My Love"  (Video Interlude)
  10. "Vogue"
  11. "Candy Shop" 
  12. "Human Nature"
  13. "Nobody Knows Me" (Video Interlude)
  14. "I'm a Sinner" 
  15. "Like a Prayer"
  16. "Celebration"