Saturday, February 23, 2013

I'll Remember...1991

Hollywood’s buzz for the 2013 Academy Awards is in high gear, but as ever, That Grape Juice loves to stroll down memory lane to salute the best of performances past.  This year we tip our hats to the 1991 performance of ‘Sooner Or Later’ by Queen of Pop Madonna.

The pop vixen, accompanied by date/King of Pop Michael Jackson, took on the task of performing the number from her film ‘Dick Tracy’.  A film that inversely spawned her biggest and (arguably) most iconic music hit to date – ‘Vogue’.  Regardless, the performance saw Madge pay an updated, post-‘Material Girl’ (video) homage to idol Marilyn Monroe while Jackson, amongst other high profile onlookers, spectated what few would believe was an awesome vocal showcase from the songstress.

Despite being known mostly for racy on air antics and questionable vocal skills prior, the showing saw the diva belting and sustaining notes with a passion and control rarely demonstrated in her previous hits.  Minus her normal troop of dancers, Madge stood center stage with a microphone and mink sole and stole the show (despite her nerves getting the best of her in parts).

Press ‘PLAY’ above and see one of the many steps Miss Madonna took to cement her name beside Michael’s as pop’s reigning royalty.

P.S. – We’d love more of these vocal show-stoppers from Madge before retirement!


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