Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lets Hope Not!

Madonna Teases Miley Cyrus Collaboration?
In the latest teaser for the project, Madge posted some lyrics on Tuesday for a song that might be titled Rebel Heart and in the post she tagged both Mi-Cy and another rumoured collaborator, Cyrus-affilated songwriter MoZella. That’s a pretty strong hint that they’re working together but the twerkin’ 21-year-old basically confirmed it by replying to the post with a cheeky selfie.
Brace yourself for another intergenerational duet on Madonna‘s new album. 
The unlikely duo joined forces for Miley’s MTV Unplugged special earlier this year, so it’s not that surprising that they would work together again. Particularly given Madonna’s penchant for collaborating with much younger artists to remain relevant. (In her defense, everyone in the game is much younger at this stage). See the Queen of pop’s lyrics and her potential duet partner’s reply after the jump.
Smart or desperate? You be the judge in the comments below.