Sunday, August 24, 2014

I'll Remember...1995

And lots of available drugs!” Madge throwing shade before shade was a thing.
In honor of tonight’s VMAs, let’s pay tribute to one of the greatest moments in VMA history. Before STUNT QUEEN bitches pulled some stunts that they choreographed and planned with the help of several publicists and producers (see: Miley Cyrus rubbing her cold chicken ass on Robin Thicke’s douche stick at the VMAs and Beyonce letting it be known that she was carrying the chosen one at the VMAs), natural messes naturally and spontaneously pulled stunts for attention. Every time the VMAs rolls around, my mind automatically burps up the beautiful moment between Courtney Love and Madge. It was a beautiful moment, because it obviously wasn’t planned and magic happened when those two wrecks got together.
What do you think?

In 1995, Madge was still kind of fun and she only had a twig up her ass instead of a stick. And in 1995, Courtney Love was a human crack pipe in toddler lingerie and a dishwater, raggedy blonde mop that looked like Benji with mange (and she still is, actually). After Courtney tried to knock Madge out with her compact, Kurt Loder invited her up on the stage and gloriousness happened when Madge dragged and shit on her with just a few words.
I always wonder what happened to that compact. Courtney probably snorted it up later that night. But it should really be in the Smithsonian because it’s a big part of music history!