Sunday, January 4, 2015

NEWS: Acclaimed Music's Best Of All Times list

The site Acclaimed Music compiled a Best Of All Times lists from professional critics creating a ranking of the most recommended music published. The ranking is based on the positions of the artists’ acclaimed albums and songs. Madonna is at #23, the #1 female artist. The list omits tours of the artist and we can assume a higher position for the Queen of Pop.  Click below for the list.
Here is the top 25:
1- The Beatles
2- Bob Dylan
3- The Rolling Stones
4- David Bowie
5- Bruce Springsteen
6- Radiohead
7- Elvis Presley
8- Neil Young
9- Prince
10- R.E.M.
11- The Beach Boys
12- U2
13- Led Zeppelin
14- The Who
15- The Velvet Underground
16- Marvin Gaye
17- Jimi Hendrix
18- The Clash
19- Kanye West
20- Elvis Costello
21- Miles Davis
22- Nirvana
23- Madonna
24- Pink Floyd
25- Stevie Wonder