Friday, April 10, 2015

The Tonight Show

Madonna admitted to being something of a "closet comedian" during her Thursday appearance on The Tonight Show, so Jimmy Fallon magnanimously offered to give her some time to work out her material. "Will you guys laugh if my jokes suck?" Madonna asks before Fallon introduces her as an "up-and-coming comedian making her stand-up comedy debut." The 56-year-old Material Girl hit on some very Madonna-esque talking points during her time, including dating younger men, her artwork and ... dating younger men. If anything, it's kind of adorable to see Madonna looking slightly flustered and not totally in control of a given situation.  Besides, even if this doesn't go down as one comedy's legendary stand-up debuts, we'll always have this amazing version of "Holiday."
04/10/2015 AT 07:45 AM EDT

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