Thursday, May 21, 2015

NEWS: OK Magazine

From Work To Play! Diplo And Madonna Are Dating
Selena Gomez and Zedd. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris. Now another DJ is dating yet another singer, but not just any old pop star: Diplo is dating the Queen of Pop, Madonna!
A new report says that Madonna, 56, and the 36-year-old DJ are hooking up outside of the studio. The pair collaborated together on the singer’s new album, Rebel Heart. They also recently went to the Met Gala as dates together and were photographed together all night!

But according to the report, it’s more than just getting hot and heavy in the studio and in the bedroom. “It’s not just all bedroom fun. They have intense conversations about art and fashion, and they nerd out on music knowledge.”

Madonna is not the first pop star Diplo has gone after. The DJ/producer recently dated Katy Perry and was in a long relationship with singer M.I.A., both of whom he also worked with on songs.

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