Thursday, June 18, 2015


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His tweet has since been deleted.

Madonna's star-studded "Bitch I'm Madonna" video sure got the internet all internet-y when it dropped on Wednesday. You didn't think it was all over, did you? On Thursday (June 18), Diplo, the song's co-writer and co-producer (who also appeared in the shoot), took to Twitter with his own #hottake.
"I'm confused that Madonna not allowed to be sexy but Caitlyn Jenner is?" he wrote. Shortly after, he deleted the tweet. He's likely referring to the incessant ageism (and sexism) that follows the 56-year old singer, telling her she's not allowed to present herself in certain ways. Caitlyn Jenner, 65, is also part of the older crowd, but aside from that, why pull her into this? 

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