Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Letter of a Record Exec who Passed on Madonna

Even the incredibly talented among us have to pay our dues.
Millennium Records president Jimmy Ienner made perhaps the stupidest decision of his entire career, by rejecting Madonna’s demo.
He wrote that while he “enjoyed listening to Madonna” and liked several of her songs, he did “not feel that she is ready yet.”
His verdict? “I will pass for now, but I will wait for more.”
Of course, Ienner never got a second chance to weigh in on Madonna… Sire released her debut album a few years later, and the rest is pop-music history.  MADONNARAMA

If Madonna had signed with Millennium, she wouldn't have had the financial backing and support as she did with Sire/WB (i.e., they wouldn't be able to afford the big budget videos to which she grew accustomed). Most likely, she would have been just some 80s forgotten dance diva.
Have a look at the letter...

Take a listen to the songs on Madonna's demo tape.
Madonna - I Want You - 1981

Madonna - Get Up - 1981

Madonna - High Society - 1981

Madonna - Love on the Run - 1981