Sunday, January 30, 2011

Madonna and Me

Toronto, Canada

On October 19, 2008, I had the opportunity to see Madonna live front row centre.  It was truly and amazing experience.  Avril Lavigne was actually in the same row as me.  I had seen the show the night before on the 18th (Nelly Furtado was there!) and thought that was it for my Madonna experience.   BUT...the next day, my best friend got a text from someone who had an extra ticket for the second show in Toronto.  Being the good guy that is, he let me have it.  The best part is that I paid the cost price and not some ridiculous marked up price.  I was very lucky.  

Below are some pics that I took, with my friend Rino and Billie and some shots of front row centre. 

She's Not Me

That's me at the 0:27 mark at the bottom right waving my hand with the black cuff.

La Isla Bonita

You can actually see me at the bottom right corner at the 0:41 taking the pictures below. 

Give it 2 Me 

That's me again at the bottom left corner, bobbing my head at the 5:14 mark.  Here is the pic you see me taking.