Saturday, February 12, 2011

RUMOR: WB to Re-release 'Express Yourself'?

Madonna to re-release 'Express Yourself' after Lady Gaga plagiarism uproar

Lady Gaga has just released her highly-anticipated single “Born This Way,”which she repeatedly described as the best song ever. Orange County’s Bravo nightclub will be playing the song repeatedly this Saturday evening.
After several websites and critics accused Lady Gaga of plagiarizing “Express Yourself” this morning, Madonna’s old record company, Warner Brothers, is set to re-release 1989's Express Yourself as a single. A new live video featuring Madonna performing the song in 2004 will follow.

It is rumored that Madonna's camp really liked Lady Gaga at first, but now considers Lady Gaga a stalker. However, Lady Gaga recently gave an interview to Vogue magazine without even acknowledging Madonna's influence.
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