Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Madonna’s Publicist Commends Lady GaGa For Doing More Than Madonna

Whoa. That's saying A LOT!
But then again, she does have a point.
Liz Rosenberg has been by Madonna's side for many, many years. In a recent interview, she was asked to talk about the rise of Lady GaGa and how her career is parralleling that of Madge's. Turns out, Liz thinks that GaGaloo is doing far more in this early stage of her career than Madonna had done in the 80s. She explained:
“When Lady Gaga’s record came out and she was doing TV all over the world, I would say it’s five times more than Madonna did. If they’re not saying ‘You’re overexposed,’ then you’re not doing your job. The appetite is insatiable. It’s way more extreme than it used to be on the wardrobe part. Some divas work directly with couture designers; some have stylists who pick out their clothes. Any way you look at it, fans expect much more. They used to just expect a great record and maybe a little press. The revelation of a lot of their lives is amped up these days. Drama, though, doesn’t always equate with commercial success.”

Well said!
It should also be acknowledge that the Queen of Pop didn't have as many outlets as GaGa has to promote herself with. There was no such thing as the internet. TV had like 10 channels. We have no doubt that Madge would've picked up her game in promoting if there were more chances for her to do so. She's just that kind of diva!
But kudos for acknowledging how hard our wifey works! We think people forget that sometime, which we don't think is fair.

LMAO.. I don't know if I'd say commends her… I wish Perez would post the question that was posed to the publicist… And yea.. Lady Gaga has to do far more in the early stages because she has already lost a lot of her original steam.. she has driven away fans with her famewhoring and ridiculous look at me it's all about me tactics. If something is in your face too much- you will naturally get sick of it. Madonna didn't need to do all that "Extra work" in the early stages because her album sold without her needing to constantly be in everyones faces…. =/ But again, I would have liked to see the entire conversation and not just this one piece. Guess I'm heading over to google.