Sunday, August 28, 2011

Madonna's Sex Tops The List Of Most Wanted Out-Of-Print Books!

If you think people only want e-books now, you're mistaken!
There is still a high demand for real, flip through the pages, fold the page to bookmark it books.

People especially want books they can't get anymore — like Madonna's famous Sex book.
The coffee table book features Madonna in soft-core pornographic photographs and stories written by her alter-ego Mistress Dita.

We're not surprised. That book was so controversial. She was flaunting her sexuality way before any pop star of today!

The rest of the top ten list includes Stephen King (twice) and Johnny Cash.

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1. Madonna, Sex
2. Nora Roberts, Promise Me Tomorrow
3. Stephen King (as Richard Bachman), Rage
4. Stephen King, My Pretty Pony
5. Ray Garton, In a Dark Place: The Story of a True Haunting
6. Luigi Serafini, Codex Seraphinianus
7. Johnny Cash, Man in Black
8. Norman Mailer, Marilyn: A Biography
9. H. Henry Thomas, Arithmetic Progress Papers
10. Kyle Onstott, Mandingo