Thursday, October 13, 2011

Madonna's Truth or Dare To Be Released On DVD and Blu-ray!!

Everyone remembers Truth or Dare right???
When Madonna went on her Blonde Ambition tour, cameras followed.
The 1991 documentary was a hit with fans back then, and we're sure the new generation of Madge lovers won't be able to resist it, either!
All of the footage has been remastered, of course. Rumor has it the Blu-Ray also contains some extra footage, and we're talking WORTH WATCHING extra footage…none of that filler crap most companies try to sell you on.
And we can all thank Miramax for this. Back in February, they made a deal with Lionsgate and StudioCanal to distribute more than 550 titles from their library.
The tentative release in January 2012! We can't wait to add this to our Madonna collection!