Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Madonna’s Brother Is NOT Living In A Material World

Anthony Gerard Ciccone, better known as Madonna’s older brother, is in trouble with the law once again. Ciccone’s most recent brush with the law came last night in a bar in his hometown of Traverse City.

While his sister is a multi-millionaire, he’s a homeless drunk, bumming around from bar to bar in Traverse City, which is what he was doing last night when he allegedly got into a fight with a female police officer who tried to get him to leave a bathroom after a long night of boozing. Police say Ciconne had an outstanding warrant for trespassing.
Ciconne was also reportedly injured in the struggle and when taken to the hospital, his blood alcohol level was a .40, nearly 5 times the legal limit.
Ciconne is to be charged with a felony for resisting a police officer…..and is being held in jail without bond.