Friday, June 7, 2013

Katie Price: I’d rather be Her Maj ... than Madge

The Queen and Madonna

TWO mega-famous Queens stepped on to the world stage this week.

Katie Price
Sun columnist ... Katie Price
In the Overdone Surgery corner we have the Queen of Pop. In the Classy Corner we have the Queen of England.
Madonna, 54, appeared at Twickenham Stadium for the Sound Of Change concert on Saturday night, while Elizabeth II, 87, was celebrating 60 years since her Coronation at Westminster Abbey.
Let’s focus on — or should I say freeze frame — Madonna’s face first.
All my life I’ve considered her stunning and gorgeous, but what is going on with her now?
When she walked out on to the stage at the weekend I couldn’t even concentrate on what she was saying because I was mesmerised by her puffy cheeks and stretched eyes.
She looks like a swollen blancmange.
It looks to me like she’s had way too much filler because of the creases under her eyes and God knows what has been injected in the rest of her face.
I hope my childhood idol will look at these pictures and realise there is a time to grow old gracefully for all of us.
I’m one of the best-known fans of plastic surgery in Britain and the sight of Madonna has stopped me in my tracks.
There are many times when I have my lips injected and think I look “ducky”.
It’s hard to admit it but the other reality is that all us surgery fans end up looking the same in the end. That’s the really sad part about Madonna.
The woman who has always prided herself on leading the way and being different now just looks like all the other 50-year-old filler fanatics trying to fight the ageing process.
So what a breath of fresh air to watch the Queen of England gliding gracefully into her Coronation ceremony on Tuesday looking so beautiful and radiant at the grand old age of 87.
No Botox or implants for Her Majesty. She’s about as likely to give surgery the royal seal of approval as she is to shop in Primark.
Instead, she has grown old gracefully on a diet of hard work, horses, corgis, fresh air and probably a few dabs of good old Astral cream before she pops on her hairnet at night.
I’ve always said to myself that the reason I have Botox is to look fresher, not younger.
But looking at the two Queens this week, I know which one I would prefer to look like when I’m pushing round my pink Zimmer frame.
I might even launch a range of crowns to match.