Sunday, June 16, 2013

Madonna 'sparks Botox rumours'

Madonna's appearance at the Chime For Change: The Sound Of Change Live Concert earlier this month has sparked concern from experts.
Madonna's frozen face at the recent Sound Of Change London concert has roused speculation she's had surgery.
The Material Girl singer gave a speech at the Chime For Change female empowering event held in London, which aimed to raise money for vulnerable women.
Madonna shocked the crowd when she emerged on stage with her usually-flawless complexion looking "plastic" and "unrecognisable".
Dr. Giorgio Netri from Transform Cosmetic Surgery has come forward to analyse the pictures from the event.
He believes Madonna's strange face is the result of "too much" Botox and dermal fillers.
"This isn't a great look," he told UK magazine Look. "It seems to me she has too much product in her face and needs to lay off the treatments for six months."
The 54-year-old is thought to have had an excess amount of face-freezing Botox injected into the frown line, forehead and around the eyes. Dr. Netri also added that closer examination of Madonna's face reveals signs she's had other treatments in the past.
"There's some slight puckering close to her jaw line, which may be a sign of a contour thread lift, and this can last a couple of years. The surface of her skin also looks flawless - this may be down to some kind of skin surfacing treatment," he analysed, before offering some hope.
"Things may settle down over the coming weeks, giving her a much better result."