Saturday, August 17, 2013

Birthday Messages

With the help of Social Media, the world reached out to Madonna today to express birthday wishes as she turned 55. Madonna herself posted two messages today. One, a birthday wish, asking to donate to Raising Malawi. The other expressing her gratitude at the outpour of love.
"Thank u all for your #birthday love! Help me celebrate my birthday, by donating to Raising Malawi to support the work of one of my Heroes, Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Eric Borgstein: Revolution of LOVE!"
Later in the evening, Madonna posted the following to her official Facebook page:
"The best way to celebrate my birthday and life in general is to be grateful!!!!
And I have nothing but appreciation for all of my fans who have supported me through out the years. I feel your love and it inspires me! It keeps me going!!!.
Thank you for fighting the Revolution of love with Me! -Madonna"

It wasn’t just fans that reached out to Madonna, but other celebrities as well!

Katy Perry tweeted:

Britney Spears posted the following on twitter:

Rita Ora put this up on Instagram :

Nicki Minaj

Lady Gaga had no birthday wish for Madonna

Still we know Madonna has been having an amazing birthday with friends, family, and many of her dancers joining her in the south of France for what we hear is an amazing celebration.