Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lourdes Trades In Posh Lifestyle

She is following in the footsteps of her famous mother by attending her old college, The University Of Michigan.  But despite her privileged upbringing, it seems Lourdes Leon is certainly no Material Girl.  In a stark contrast to her mother's mansions, the teen, who turns 18 this week, currently shares a simple bunk bed with a fellow student in a tiny box dormitory.

While living with her superstar mother she would have been used to a life of private chefs and glamourous restaurants - here she eats at a noisy canteen, filled with hundreds of students, where pizza, pasta and burgers make up a mundane menu.
In an exclusive look at Lourdes new college life, the MailOnline can reveal the down-to-earth teenager has been using the nickname Lola, her mother gave her when she was younger, to help blend in.

Speaking to the MailOnline a fellow student said: 'She's not as sociable as many people would have thought and she couldn't be more different from Madonna's huge persona.' The pal added: 'Every day that passes she's slowly coming out of her shell.

'There's no diva behavior or anything like that. She's really aware how people might judge her and doesn't want a bad reputation.'

The first photographs of Lourdes as a student show her ditching her fashionable roots in an attempt to fit in with student life.

But despite having such an extraordinary gift, a friend told MailOnline she 'couldn't be more different' than her mum and is actually very shy, even introducing herself as 'Lola' when meeting new friends to avoid them picking up her identity straight away.

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