Thursday, October 16, 2014

Natalia Kills completed eight songs with Madonna for the latter’s new album

Natalia Kills - Controversy video
‘They Talk Shit About Me’ hitmaker Natalia Kills worked on eight songs for Madonna’s new album.
“She writes incredible lyrics, sings beautiful melodies, but most of all she is so fucking funny,” Kills told Paper magazine of her time working with the bathroom selfie enthusiast.
Also, if you’re wondering how Madonna came to hear about Kills’ ‘oeuvre’ in the first place, wonder no more:
“Madonna’s dancers play my music during her rehearsals and workouts every week.”
She also found the time to talk about her own music, suggesting there might be some on its way quicker than expected:
“It’s coming out all this year. All really soon, really really soon, wink wink, very very soon.”
‘Wink wink’.

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