Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Madonna marks the end of her MDNA tour by dancing on a pole in Monte Carlo!  
The pop star, who turned 54 last week, took her after party to Billionaire Monte Carlo.
She ensured her nearest and dearest were at the club to mark the occasion.  Arriving after midnight Madonna was flanked with an entourage of around 150 guests, which included loved ones, family members, staff, dancers and security guards.  She was clearly adamant on having a good time as she waved goodbye to her MDNA world tour in style.

Madonna was seen with a huge grin on her face as she wore a trilby hat with vest top and leather cut-off gloves.  She reportedly danced until dawn at the club following another successful night performing on stage.  Clearly in a jovial mood she wrapped herself around the pole to show off her dance moves while the rest of the revellers danced around her.  Last night she bowed out of the trek at the Charles Ehrmann stadium after showing off her usual antics for the excitable crowd.