Friday, August 24, 2012

Sharon Stone 'morphs' into Madonna

Ready to roll: Sharon Stone was spotted on the set of her new movie What About Love? in the Romanian capital of Bucharest todayIt seems Sharon Stone and Madonna share more in common than their love of toy boys.
In fact, Basic Instinct star Sharon appeared to have morphed into the Material Girl today as she got into character on the set of her new film in the Romanian capital Bucharest.
At 54, Stone is just a year older than the Queen of Pop and and shared more than a passing resemblance to the Vogue singer on set today.

Sharon was is costume shooting scenes with co-star Andy Garcia for What About Love?
Admittedly Sharon's mumsy tweed jacket and skirt was very unlike Madge's risqué onstage ensembles.
But her pillowy face, high cheek bones and jutting jawline were certainly familiar to that of the fellow blonde.
All she was missing was Madonna's famous gapped front teeth.
Both women have been the subject of plastic surgery rumours.