Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'll Remember...1990

Ahhh...memories. If you were young/old enough to remember this epic moment in tv history, please share.  This was so exciting at the time to watch. I was 13 years old and I could not wait to see this spectacle.  I will never forget watching the it with my brother and the 'Like a Virgin' bed scene came on.  YIKES - we thought we would be in BIG trouble because it was so sexual and we knew our parents were watching it on the tv upstairs.

I live in Canada and at the time we did not have HBO and get a chance to watch this performance from Nice, France.  Instead we got to watch her performance from Barcelona, Spain a month later.  She had really frizzy hair, lol.  The August 1 show in Barcelona, Spain was taped and aired on television in Europe, Australia and Canada by SACIS-RAI. This show is known by fans for numerous technical mistakes (including Madonna forgetting part of the lyrics to "Sooner or Later" and "Material Girl," getting her monocle caught on her headset microphone at the beginning of "Express Yourself", and not realizing that her headset microphone was still live as she exited the stage after "Where's the Party," resulting in her command at a backstage crew member to "get the fuck out of my fuckin' way"). LOL
Commercial for 'Blond Ambition Tour' Spain