Saturday, March 30, 2013

My billionaire sister, Madonna, doesn't care if I die

Madonna’s brother Anthony Ciccone has accused the pop diva of not caring about him being dead or alive.

The 56-year-old man is a homeless alcoholic, who has lived on the freezing streets of Traverse City, Michigan, for almost three years, the New York Daily news reported.
Anthony added that the Madonna lives in her own world and the siblings never loved each other.
Anthony spends most of his time drinking alcohol from paper bags, just 12 miles away from the Ciccone family Vineyard, where his father and step-mother live.According to the UK paper, Anthony was recently thrown in jail for a month after an incident in which he was drunk and was swearing at kids in front of a church.
Anthony also blamed his family for his miserable state saying that he had no family backup.
He said that he would rather be working but is helpless under the circumstances, as his family has stood against him completely.
But neighbour Kathy Mateyer, who works in the Ciccone family vineyard’s wine tasting room, said that the pop singer and Anthony’s father were devastated by his failure to get help for his alcoholism, and refused to allow him back until he stopped drinking
Mateyer further told that Ciccone would sneak into the cellars and he would lie on the floor, open up one of the big tanks, and drink the wine with a glass and that he would not take help from his family.
Meteyer also said that Madonna paid for her brother’s rehab stints “several times.”

His father and other siblings have attempted to reach out to Anthony repeatedly.
"Anthony just won't accept help," Meteyer continued.
Ciccone made headlines when his homeless state was initially discovered in 2011. He isn't comfortable with his newfound tabloid fame,
"Crazy people chase me around because my sister's famous," Ciccone said.
"Evidently various people have been pestering her about matters of neglect regarding family and such. I think she's probably a little bit p----d off with me or even troubling her. But I've never asked my sister for anything," he continued. "She don't owe me nothing."
"I've got no beef," ciccone said. "If she wants to live that way, that's her thing."